2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Benny Snell

Position: Running Back

School: Kentucky

Height: 5’11,

Weight: 220 pounds

Round Projection: 3

Run Style

Usually, Snell runs the way he looks. Built compact with an excellent center of gravity, Snell attacks downhill. However, he will take the occasion toss and bounce to the outside. Due to Kentucky’s system, the Wildcats counted on Snell to run between the tackles. Not to mention, the offense used a form of the pistol. With that said, Snell needs to operate as his on blocker. Snell encountered defenders from the snap. Snell runs with proportional power. That is to say, he runs square, behind his pads and a slightly forward lean. As a result, when tackled, Snell falls forward.

When he does sprint to the corner, Snell will lower his pads, break arm tackles, and finish runs with authority. On the goal line, Snell cashes in these opportunities with force.

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Despite his solid frame, Snell produces enough wiggle to get away from tacklers. As mentioned, out of the pistol, with no fullback, Snell fights to shed. One of the tools in his arsenal is his abbreviated jump cut. The move and subtle movement is enough for him to leave tacklers. On the other hand, his stop/start needs a bit of tweaking. If Snell cares to use the move more judiciously, yards will follow.


If you want a back with long speed, look elsewhere. Snell brings functional speed to the table. In addition, his burst will turn a five-yard gain into a fifteen-yarder. Granted, he may not run away from defenders, Snell gains chunk yardage.


With Snell, one of the underrated aspects remains his ability to take on a blitzer. He will meet a rusher on end with malice. Snell drives his hips, back and shoulder into each block.

Raiders Fit

With Marshawn Lynch starting to slow down, the Raiders need a replacement. With Jon Gruden, the drafting of a hardnosed back remains his choice. Eschewing flash for thunder, Oakland needs a lead back. Snell fits what the Raiders seek. Throughout his career in Lexington, Snell ran with the same aggression. Jon Gruden appreciates backs that can run absorb a heavy workload. In Snell, the Raiders can feature him 17=20 times and enjoy a back that will find the endzone with authority.



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