Top 5 Questions From Colts Vs. Bills:

The Colts showed up to play their best game so far this season against the Bills. Winning by 32 points, the Colts had 220 total rushing yards through Marlon Mack, Nyheim Hines, and Jordan Wilkins. This is the highest rushing total for the Colts since 2007. Despite a phenomenal victory, there are still some unanswered questions fans are asking.

5. Is Darius Leonard even human?

If he is human, we have yet to see it. Rookie linebacker Darius Leonard continues to impress. Against the Bills, he had 17 total tackles and one fumble recovery. They call him “Maniac” for a reason! Leonard leads the league in total tackles by 11 while only playing in six of the seven regular season games. If he plays around this level for the rest of the NFL season I’d say he has a great shot at winning Defensive Rookie Of the Year. He is expected to have another big game next week against the Raiders. Oakland traded arguably their best player, Amari Cooper to the Cowboys which will impact the already struggling Raiders offense. Could he get his first career interception this week?

4. Is Marlon Mack the real deal?

Last week against the New York Jets Marlon Mack flashed major skill by rushing for 89 yards on just 12 carries. Averaging a blistering average of 7.2 yards per carry. Sunday against the Bills, Marlon carried the ball 19 times for a career-high of 126 yards and a touchdown. This was Marlon Mack’s first career 100-yard rushing game, and he averaged 6.6 yards per carry.

He also broke out for 33 receiving yards and of course, a receiving touchdown. He has obviously emerged as the clear starter for this Colts offense but exactly how good is he? Only time will tell, but if the Colts want to keep the offense rolling, they need to feed the man! Expect for Mack to have another large impact against the 27th ranked Oakland Raiders run defense in Week 8.

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3. Where is Jack Doyle?

In the Colts first victory against the Washington Redskins, Jack Doyle injured his hip. The injury occurred in the second quarter of the game but Doyle played through it for the rest of the game. He has been ruled out for the last 5 games. He did not practice all of last week even though his injury was listed as week-to-week after game number two when his injury took place. It is not certain when he will return; the Colts’ injury report this week should give fans some idea on if he’ll play next week or not. I know the Colts would love to have Doyle back on the field with the crazy amount of drops that Colts receivers have tallied up this season.

2. What is wrong with Adam Vinatieri?

Colts Vs. Bills was a spectacular game all around. Well, mostly all around. An uncommon event transpired at Lucas Oil Stadium as Adam Vinatieri only made two of four extra points. It is unusual to witness him miss a field goal, let alone an extra point. In Vinatieri’s extremely lengthy career of 23 seasons, he only has a 2% miss percentage on PAT attempts. So what was wrong on Sunday?

After kicks, he could be seen holding his mid inner thigh as if he was in pain and after the game Colts head coach Frank Reich, announced that Adam is dealing with a groin injury and no timetable to return. Only five points from breaking the All-Time scoring record this news is a heartbreaker to football fans of every team. Best wishes to Adam Vinatieri and hopefully he will be back within the next couple of weeks to make history!

1. Is the Colts’ season over?

2-5 looks like a bad record but when you look at the games the Colts have already won and the numbers they have put up, the Colts are not a bad team. Next week, the Colts take on the Oakland Raiders and if Indianapolis plays close to as well as they did against the Bills, it should be an easy victory. The week after the Raiders’ game is the Colts’ bye week which should hopefully help some players recover in time for week 10.

After their bye week, the Colts take on the Jacksonville Jaguars who haven’t looked so hot in the past two weeks. With a week of rest, Indianapolis should give the division rivals a run for their money and potentially grab another win. With an easy to mediocre schedule for the rest of the season, don’t rule the Colts out of playoff talk just yet. The AFC South is up for grabs and the Colts have a decent chance at taking the division by surprise. As long as Indianapolis has Andrew Luck, there’s a chance.

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