In the prime time setting, Monday Night lights, Matt Ryan and the Falcons did not disappoint their home crowd. With the dome open and the classic throwback black uniforms on, the Falcons prevailed to a 23-20 victory over the Giants of New York. A win that was not as close as the score shows. In this much needed win, Atlanta’s defense stepped up and the offense took care of business.

First Quarter

Both the Giants and Falcons began the first quarter very slow. The first quarter consisted of short drives and handing each other poor field position in a battle of special teams and defense. Atlanta was showing Eli the pressure, loading the front line with looks of five men almost every play. However, the Giants were doing the same. Ryan was sacked three times in the first quarter. 0-0 going forward.

Second Quarter

The second quarter continued the slow pace. Both teams traded quick stops. McKinley picked up another sack, and Beasley was active on the defensive line. Finally, on back to back play-action plays, Ryan found Austin Hooper and Marvin Hall to cover the whole field and put some points up. The Giants answered though. Eli connected with Odell to get inside the red zone. Atlanta’s secondary picked up the pressure inside the twenty as they gave enough time for Jarrett to find Eli for a second time. That sack forced a field goal. 7-3 Atlanta. With only a minute to spare, Ryan marched down the field. Thanks to a long pass interference call for Julio Jones, the Falcons managed to answer with a field goal right back to end the half. 10-3 Atlanta.

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Third Quarter

Dan Quinn kept the defense aggressive in the second half. The Giants drove down the field all the way to the red zone credit to Shephard beating Robert Alford for 53 yards on a big play. Fortunately, the Falcons got a goal line stop keeping it 10-3. The falcons drove down the field, but their drive ended with a rare Julio Jones fumble. The Giants take advantage of the turnover and convert it into a field goal making it 10-6. The Falcons managed to drive to the 33 yard line before being forced to kick a field goal. Giorgio Tavecchio drills a 50 yarder making him 2/2 on the day from 40 and 50 yards. 13-6 Atlanta

Fourth Quarter

The Falcons defense was swarming to Saquon Barkley all night, keeping him very limited. Sark’s offense slowly moved the ball down the field, and finally Coleman broke loose on a PITCH! 30 yard score untouched. 20-6 Atlanta. Atlanta gave up a score late in the 4th to Barkley after Manning and Beckham connected multiple times down the field, but held the G-men on a questionable two-point conversion call. Ryan successfully milked the clock, but was forced to settle for a field goal due to two false starts. Tavecchio drilled a 56 yarder, making a great case as Bryants replacement-if he ever decides to roll over. At this point 23-12, Falcons in complete control, they gave up a garbage time touchdown to Odell and a two-point conversion to Barkley, resulting in a final score of 23-20.

Takeaways From The Game

The Falcons defensive line looked great all night. That could be credit to Grady Jarrett coming back, Manuel and Quinn’s brilliant stunts, or the fact the Giants O-line is abysmal. Matt Ryan looked like an elite caliber quarterback throwing for 379 Yards and completing 79% of his passes. Julio Jones still can gain 100+ yards without getting into the end zone once again. The dirty birds are in fine position heading into a bye-week and the worst of their schedule behind them.

Way to Rise Up last night Atlanta. Take a deep breathe and enjoy the week off.

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