Week 7 has come and gone, and yet again the Titans are defeated. This leaves the Titans at 3-4 and no longer in control of the AFC South. Thankfully, there is something good that happened during the game, and we will use that to move forward with hope. Our week 7 offensive Titan of the week did everything he could to win the game on Sunday morning. This player makes his second appearance on the Titan of the week report.

Offensive Titan of the Week

Week 7 saw Dion Lewis explode for 155 total yards. 91 of those yards came via 13 carries, and the other 64 came via 6 receptions. Dion Lewis was much more effective than Derrick Henry in a somewhat reoccurring trend.  We haven’t quite figured out what to make of the Dion Lewis vs. Derrick Henry backfield, but it’s apparent the Lewis is the stronger option for now. Obviously, that could change after the bye, but I’d imagine that given Lewis’s continued dominance he’ll remain the lead option.

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Lewis had some explosive plays against the Chargers, starting in the first quarter as he slipped past Derwin James for a first down reception. Lewis was used just about every way possible on Sunday. He took handoffs, screen passes, lined up outside to catch passes, he was indeed everywhere. Lewis had his most significant play with just under 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter. As the Titans were trying to rally back into the game, Lewis hit a hole up the middle for 31 yards. Lewis broke 4 tackles on this run and almost broke away from the final defender for a game-tying score. Lewis was undoubtedly the spark plug for this offense on Sunday. Dion’s 155 scrimmage yards was the highest total of his career, which is somewhat surprising.

Going Forward

If nothing else, one thing has become clear. Dion Lewis needs to be more involved in this offense. When he’s touched the ball, good things have happened. If that means playing Derrick Henry less, by all means, it needs to happen. I’m not saying the team should give up on Henry, I just think Dion has earned more snaps. Dion is more explosive and has just meshed better on the field thus far. Will the Titans use their bye week to incorporate Dion more? After their bye, they face off against the Cowboys in Jerryworld. The Titans still have offensive struggles to work through. Hopefully, Dion can help alleviate some of the growing pains.

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