2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Anthony Johnson

Position: WR

School: The University of Buffalo

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 210 pounds

Round Projection: 1-2



Like many similarly built receivers, Johnson uses the stab method. That is to say, he will meet the ball away from his body, hands meeting the ball. However, that remains the most unexciting aspect to his catching. With Buffalo, Johnson needed to adjust to poorly thrown balls vertically. For Johnson, he adapted and tracked the ball with great success. In addition, his ability to make plays over the shoulder bodes well for him. In addition, in traffic, Johnson appears unfair to spar with a corner over the football.


When Buffalo wanted a vertical play, Johnson answered the bell. While he gets up top in a hurry, Johnson is not a burner. Yet, his second-gear acceleration allows him to separate. When Johnson gets by a defender, he will find a way to score.

Route Running:

Based on effectiveness, Johnson excels at the corner, hitch and deep out. While those three, according to PFF, netted the largest rating, the go remains a possibility. In college, Johnson faced plenty of off coverage. As a result, the occasional free release allowed him to pick up momentum while freely running the pattern. Yet, he played well versus the jam as well. With precise, detailed coaching, Johnson will blend his routes seamlessly.


During his two years in Buffalo, Johnson lined up in the slot, outside and tight. Under those situations, the team asked him to block. When Johnson blocks, he maintains a great base and extension. Instead of pawing at a defender, he will attempt to drive them backwards. In addition, he will fight for 50/50 balls. Johnson shows no apprehension in contact with corners.


Raiders Fit

With the trade of Amari Cooper, the Raiders need quality youth at receiver. If you look at their current roster, the immediate future appears bleak. However, with Johnson, available in the later first, early second, the Raiders could snag him. In Johnson, Jon Gruden could coach his person, a draft pick to mold under his direction. Johnson possesses the toughness the Raiders crave. If you transfer for two junior colleges and fight to play at Buffalo, which means you want to play.


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