As the Raiders continue rebuilding for the future, many question the team’s timing and honesty. During the spring, the organization preached a message of contending. As a result, fans eagerly flocked to buy tickets. FPC Raiders writers Chris Martin and Ray Aspuria discuss the effect of tanking.


I have done nothing but complain about my perspective as a fan of the Raider organization. In that case, as a Bay Area fan, I don’t really see a way out. The season is not even half way over. So there’s no use in drooling over the draft. In reality, it’s rather difficult, wanting to be positive and knowing the misery is the agenda.

I’ll get over it. However, I hoped Oakland would field a team, building up toward a strong finish. As you know, I knew what this was from the moment the traded Khalil Mack. A second rebuild in 6 years hurts. In addition, it’s excruciating when I was planning on bringing my son to a game before my guys left me.


Tanking, in Raider terms, is jettisoning foundation-type players for draft picks. The head honcho, Jon Gruden has done exactly that by shipping of Khalil Mack before the season and Amari Cooper.

There is a plausible argument to be made Cooper’s waning involvement made him less integral to the Raiders success, however, Gruden himself said it’s “harder to beat the Colts” without the wide receiver.

Removing players like Mack and Cooper lessen a team chances for success and couple that with the draft picks acquired, it is in Oakland’s best interest to produce a shoddy season in order to maximize the return of said selections.


A struggling offense does not wax a young and (once) productive receiver. A limping defense does not toss an edge rusher who cans collects sacks at an ungodly rate. However, for future assets, Gruden did.


Moreover, here is the kicker: Proclaiming Doug Martin as the feature back … That is the best way to ensure the Raiders own draft pick will be in the Top 5.


In essence, people feared tanking early. Yet, the organization downplays those effeorts. With a record of 1-5, the Raiders appear to raise the white flag on the 2018 season. Hopefully, the front office turns losing into talented rookies.


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