2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Cameron Smith

Position: ILB

School: USC

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 243 pounds

Draft Projection: Rounds 2-3


As an inside linebacker, Smith’s expects to encounter the ballcarrier with forced. Although he does not generate fumbles, Smith ends plays. With a grab and snap technique, Smith stops plays. As testament to his ability to make the stop, Smith’s solo tackles outnumber his assists by a wide margin.


Despite weighing 245 pounds, Smith needs to adequately use his power. For instance, instead of trying to stand up a tight end or fullback, Smith needs to use his core to drive the blocker backwards


Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Smith’s game keeps him on the field for three downs. Although Smith’s explosion does not translate to sacks, as of now. However, breaking up screen and stringing out plays to the wide side gives Smith an advantage.


During playaction, Smith uses the quicks to change direction in diagnosing plays. Meanwhile, those same moves allow him to knife into the wash and make plays. Smith fits through the smallest opening to make the play.

Block Shedding

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For a bigger linebacker, you would think Smith would just try to bull through a blocker. However, blessed with agility, Smith will dip and slide under lineman attempts. On the other hand, he discards back and receivers with little regard.


While USC continues to find themselves as a team, Smith never fell into the trap of drama. On the field, you will notice him, running into every play. When the back occurs across the field, Smith will trail and accelerate.


As of this writing, Smith picked off four passes and batted down thirteen others during his career. Where he succeeds is the ability to smoothly drop into coverage, break on the pass within the first steps. Some of this film will show Smith staying with backs and tight ends down the middle off the field. For a middle linebacker with that kind of range, teams should look.

Raiders Fit

For the Raiders, the yearly hunt for a middle linebacker never ends. Yet, Reggie McKenzie insists on waiting until the lower rounds to grab a middle linebacker. In Paul Guenther’s system, the Raiders need players in the middle with range and downhill ability. In Smith, Oakland could find a player in the second or third with the ability to cover, and make plays versus the run.



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