The Titans defense played well enough to leave London with a win on Sunday morning. However, the two blown coverages for 55 and 75-yard touchdowns are simply unacceptable. With Wesley Woodyard back, the hope was that the Titans would put all the pieces back together. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and Woodyard didn’t play like his usual self. Luckily someone stepped up and helped out the Titans big time.

Defensive Titan of the Week

Jayon Brown resumed his rotational role with the return of Wesley Woodyard. That didn’t affect his stats though, as he still recorded a sack and 7 total tackles. Brown actually led the team in tackles on Sunday morning. Woodyard only recorded 4 tackles. Brown has been an essential piece of this Titans defense. His raw emotion hasn’t gone unnoticed by others, myself included. He is putting together an excellent sophomore season and has definitely garnered a more prominent role on this Titans defense. Jayon has been patient while on the field, rarely making an incorrect decision. This bodes well for Tennessee and their future, as Brown is regarded as the best coverage linebacker that they have.

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Jayon thriving in the Titans system is a good step forward for this defense. However, the blown coverages in the secondary is a step backward. Just when you think the Titans have it figured out, another unit says “nope, just kidding.” It definitely concerns me that the Titans can’t seem to put all the pieces together for a 60-minute span. One unit always seems to come up short, and it’s definitely something that needs to be worked on during the bye week. So regardless of Jayon’s success, it’s being overshadowed by constant shortcomings from other areas.

Earlier, I mentioned Jayon’s raw emotion. If you go back and watch tape on the game against the Philadelphia Eagles, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Even looking through the tape on this game, you can see exactly what I’m talking about. Brown has quickly become a leader on the field for this Titans defense. Doing it while Woodyard is also on the field was definitely impressive. Brown seems to have a relatively high ceiling. Truth be told, we may not know what his ceiling is yet. One thing is for sure, we will need Jayon to continue his level of play while we fight to retake our division. Let’s figure out how to put all the pieces together at the same time, Tennessee. #TitanUp

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