This is my first time recapping a San Francisco 49ers game and I got to recap probably the most disappointing 49ers game of the season.

     I’m going to list a few things that basically summarize the game up whether they are positive or negative so let’s get this going!

C.J. Beathard

     C.J. Beathard is a roody-poo; Beathard has been a turnover machine ever since he has started for the team this year with Jimmy Garoppolo down with an ACL tear. Funny thing is, Beathard didn’t throw any interceptions or fumble in this game but he definitely did not play great. At halftime, he only was 4/9 for 39 yards in the first half. He was treating Marquise Goodwin as if he was 6’4″ by overthrowing the ball and throwing the ball inaccurately to his receivers. Beathard was definitely playing like a backup quarterback today and us fans are stuck watching him play for the rest of the season.

Forced Turnovers

Turnovers?! Those exist?: The 49ers defense entered the game with a -15 turnover    differential and only recorded one turnover through the entire season. That changed today a bit as they sacked Josh Rosen once in their own end zone for a safety, Jaquiski Tartt got a pick and the Arizona Cardinals tight end, Jermaine Gresham, fumbled the ball. The defense was putting pressure on Rosen almost all game but that was to be expected with the Cardinals offense ranked last in the NFL.

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Race for #1 Overall Pick

Is it okay that the fans are wanting to tank? I get it. No one likes losing because it sucks. This year, everyone was getting hyped, including myself, about potentially making the playoffs with our new and improved offense. Jimmy G learning the playbook more and more pieces on defense. Turns out, the team needs more key pieces and depth than we expected. It seems like our whole defense has regressed and our passing offense hasn’t done anything at all. Right now, the 49ers are in a race to see who gets the number one pick in the NFL Draft in 2019 with the Oakland Raiders and the New York Giants who happen to be the next two opponents. So do I think it’s okay that the fans are wanting to tank? Yes, because the 49ers aren’t going anywhere this year and they lost twice to the worst team in the NFL already, but you should root for them to try to win.

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