Okay, let’s get straight to it. Both of these teams in the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders suck, stink and belong at the bottom of the NFL trash pile. They both have records of 1-7, too, in case you needed extra reasoning as to why they aren’t good.

This game was supposed to be one of the most anticipated games of the year to start the season but boy have things changed.

The San Francisco 49ers came into the season as one of the most anticipated teams to watch, and one that could sneak into the playoffs. Jimmy Garoppolo was going to lead this team to the “Promise Land” with offensive help from Jerick McKinnon, Marquise Goodwin and company. None of that happened (but still can in the future) and here we are in week nine with C.J. Beathard questionable for tomorrow’s game. Since he can’t grip a football properly, his backup Nick Mullens is most likely going to be starting.

A primetime game with a quarterback no one has heard of except 49er fans who have been screaming for Beathard’s head and Derek Carr. Need I say more?


Like I mentioned, Nick Mullens is probably going to start and who knows what that means for this already struggling passing offense. The Raiders secondary is not good (262.7 pass yards allowed per game) but the 49ers pass offense is also not good (214.6 pass yards per game).

Kendrick Bourne is coming off a good game but consistency has been a problem among 49ers receivers this season. Pierre Garcon is still on the team despite trade rumors suggesting he wouldn’t be after Tuesday’s deadline. George Kittle is the 49ers best bet to move the ball down the field through the air against the Raiders.

The run game could be very promising for the 49ers, as the Raiders have the worst run defense in the league. They allow 144.7 rush yards per game while the 49ers average 133.6 rush yards. Matt Breida is supposed to be ready to play as he hasn’t been held back by injuries, so hopefully he doesn’t leave the game at some point limping. Alfred Morris has been inconsistent and not what we thought he would be after his strong preseason showing. That’s why you don’t overreact preseason performances, right? Raheem Mostert has been having a solid few weeks and his speed could help out the run game to take pressure off of Breida.

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The Raiders offense isn’t very good, either, but so is the 49ers defense. They couldn’t stop Josh Rosen from coming back to win the game last week, so they most likely will struggle. Safety Jaquiski Tartt and linebacker Reuben Foster are both ruled out for the game as well, so it could look worse for the already struggling defense.

Don’t be surprised if Derek Carr has a decent-to-almost-good game against this defense. Marshawn Lynch is on injured reserve so the 49ers don’t have to worry about not tackling him. Doug Martin should be the feature back as he had a decent outing against the Indianapolis Colts, but I think the San Francisco defense can handle him.

Ultimately, this game comes down to the San Francisco offense putting up more than 15 points against a very bad Raiders defense. They’ll have to do so with most likely their third-string quarterback, but we’ll find about that situation more tomorrow.

I know it’s best if the 49ers lose, but if they win at least one more game this season, it better be versus the Raiders so everyone knows who the Bay’s best team is (not really the case this year).

Prediction: 49ers 23, Raiders 20

– Sanjesh Singh is the managing editor for the San Francisco 49ers on Full Press Coverage He covers the NFL. Like and follow on and Facebook.

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