With the Battle of the Bay quickly approaching, the Raiders offered interesting quotes, regarding the franchise

Former Raiders CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Today I retire, today my NFL journey ends, and I thank god for keep me all these years. A kid, with one kid and no college offers lasted 11 years in the NFL. I played in Super Bowls, Pro Bowls, n did many more in this league. I’m at peace with my decision. Y’all may not understand and that’s kool!!! I wanna thank everyone for their support. Never forget MR. Ooouu himself. Yessuh!!!

Translation: With a roster full of veteran players, snaps appear at a premium. Early on, DRC enjoyed field time. Yet, as the nightmare season wore on, his opportunities dwindled. In his defense, he retired respectfully and cleanly. In a league where some players retire at halftime, Cromartie left after a game.

Rookie OT Brandon Parker on Sunday’s performance.

“They said the rookies had to step it up, so me and Kolton just pressed into our details, and really made sure we did what we had to do.”

Translation: Despite early season trouble, the rookie tackle duo found their stride versus the Colts. Although Miller continues to feel effects from a knee injury, he battles with pass rushers, without complaint. Meanwhile, Parker slid into the lineup, while improving weekly. In a miserable season, the rookie tackles continue to gain valuable experience.

49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan, discussing probable starting QB Nick Mullens and his playbook familiarity.

“Yes. When you say the entire playbook, that just means does he know everything, can he spit it out. Nick’s as good as them. He’s been here for a year-and-a-half, the whole time we’ve been here. So, Nick’s as prepared to call the plays and get everyone in the right spots as anyone we could have out there.”

If the Raiders’ pass rush does not wreak havoc with an unproven starter under center, the problem remains out of control. Oakland, regardless of pass rush flaws, should rattle Mullens with regularity. As a result, this needs to serve as their lone feasting day of the entire season.

In reality, the Battle of the Bay lacks the luster it did in years past. Yet, a win would keep the wolves at bay, for another week. In that case, the Raiders need to find a way to leave Santa Clara with a victory.


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