The Patriots are preparing to face Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Before kickoff, there are some injuries to discuss concerning the Patriots before the big matchup.

Some injuries that we should be watching is tight end Rob Gronkowski. The star tight end has been dealing with nagging injuries over the past few weeks. The more concerning injury has been his ankle which he suffered during the earlier part of the regular season. Gronkowski didparticipate in practice on Friday and was limited the entire week leading up to the game.

The other injury that is noticeable is wide receiver Julian Edelman who has been dealing with an illness and sore ankle. Most of this week Edelman was a limited participant in practice and is Questionable for Sunday’s game against the Packers.

There are thirteen players on the Patriots that are questionable for Sunday’s matchup. The other notable names that are questionable are Linebacker Donte Hightower who is dealing with a leg injury. Also wide receiver Josh Gordan who is dealing with a hamstring injury that has been effecting him over the past few weeks.

Here is the latest Patriots Injury Report, as of November 2, 2018 courtesy of

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