Jerry World

When: MNF 8:15 PM

Where: AT&T Stadium

How to watch: ESPN

A trip to Jerry World will be a tough test for this reeling Tennessee Titans team. Both teams are coming off of a bye week, giving promise to a good game. There will be some things to watch for in this game, including how the Titans plan to contain Ezekial Elliot. This is no easy game, but it is an achievable task.

Keys to Success

After a 3-1 start, the Titans have been in free fall. Many things have been a factor in their fall, including drops, lack of a running game and overall play. Will the Titans be haunted by not making a move at the deadline? The Cowboys recognized their WR problem and traded for Amari Cooper. The Titans decided to stay pat, and not make any drastic moves. Will the Titans finally be able to put all the pieces together?

Week in and week out, we debate on whether or not the Titans will get back on track. Will this be the week they finally break through? If it’s going to happen a couple things need to fall into place. For one, the Titans need to establish a running game early, and they need to tote the rock often. Whether it’s Lewis or Henry, it needs to happen. Ideally, establishing the run will open up the pass for a struggling Mariota. Mariota has dealt with injuries and countless drops from his receivers. To open up the passing game, it needs to involve Dion Lewis. The Cowboys struggle against receiving running backs, the Titans need to exploit that. Dion Lewis is coming off of arguably the best game of his career, we should look for the Titans to build off of that.

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Stopping Dallas

While the Titans need to establish the run, they also need to suppress it on the defensive side. Dallas has had their fair share of problems in the passing game this year. While Dak has played better of late, it’s fair to assume if the game rests in his hands, the Titans have a better chance of leaving Arlington with a victory.

The addition of Amari Cooper gets its big reveal this weekend. It’s reasonable to assume that Cooper won’t be thoroughly acquainted with the Cowboys playbook. If the Titans secondary can regain its form and prevent big plays, this game could look pretty good for Tennessee. The Cowboys are 5.5 point favorites right now, which should be taken as an insult for Tennessee. The Titans need all the motivation they can get because they haven’t been playing well of late.


Unfortunately, I do not see Tennessee leaving Arlington with a win. I am still hopeful that this bye week was used to fix issues the team has been having. However, until I see the improvements in a meaningful game, I can’t pick the Titans to lose this game.

Dallas takes this one 20-10, and the Titans free fall continues to a 3-5 record.




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