Just when you thought that mosquito season was over, it comes out of nowhere and bites you … leaving you in some pain, itching and even irritated for some time. Well, just when the Washington Redskins were starting to find their groove and win football games, they not only get knocked around by the Atlanta Falcons, they also got bit by the injury bug once again.

On Monday, head coach Jay Gruden announced that Brandon Scherff, Shawn Lauvao and Paul Richardson would miss the remained of the season. Scherff is done due to a torn pec, Lauvao is done due to an ACL and Richardson is done due to an AC joint.

Richardson Injury

According to John Keim of ESPN, Richardson played through a lot of pain during camp and throughout the season. The expected healing time for Richardson will be about 6-8 months, meaning he may not even be back in uniform until May or possibly mid-to-late July.

Scherff Injury

For Scherff, his healing time, according to https://www.healthline.com/health/pulled-chest-muscle can take about as short as two to four weeks to heal or it could take months, just depending on the injury. When it comes to a torn pec, there are two different types of diagnosis; Acute strains and Chronic strains.

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An acute strain is a result from injuries sustained immediately after direct trauma, such as a fall or car accident. However, in Scherff’s case, a chronic strain is caused from a result of longer-term activities, like repetitive motions used in sports or certain job tasks.

It appears that Scherff suffered either a Grade 2 or Grade 3 tear in his pec.

  • Grade 2 indicates more damage: the muscle isn’t fully ruptured, but there is a loss of strength and mobility.
  • Grade 3 describes a complete muscle rupture, which sometimes requires surgery.

Lauvao Injury

Lauvao won’t have an easy recovery either. A torn ACL is no joke and can take a lot of time to heal, especially if not taken seriously. It may take six to nine months to return to full activity after surgery to reconstruct an ACL injury. The first three weeks concentrate on gradually increasing knee range of motion in a controlled way. The new ligament needs time to heal and care is taken not to rip the graft.

Morgan Moses and Quinton Dunbar, who are also suffering from injuries, are listed as day-to-day according to Gruden. So, that then brings the discussion to Trent Williams. First reports were he would possibly miss an entire month of football, but with him knowing what is going on, don’t be surprised to see a heavily taped hand in on the Skins offensive line in Tampa on Sunday.



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