After falling to the Tennessee Titans 28-14 at home on Monday Night Football, the Jason Garrett lead Cowboys are officially cleared for takeoff on another 8-8 season. 

Flight attendants, please be seated. Prepare yourself for the flight that is the rest of the 2018 season. No drinks will be served for the duration, we’re going to throw a couple bags of peanuts for the patrons to fight over, and no, since the fasten seatbelt sign is on, you will not be able to get up and go to the bathroom.

That’s the state of the Dallas Cowboys currently, hopefully, the plane will safely land eventually with the end of the season marking the end of Jason Garrett’s term as Head Coach, which has been so long that you cannot even call him Vanilla Ice Cream, because the ice cream would’ve melted long before today.

It’s very easy to point at Dak Prescott and say the quarterback’s play is responsible for the Cowboys horrid offense. I’ll concede to you that the quarterback has played nowhere near the level he played at when he de-throned Tony Romo in 2016, but are you telling me he’s 2 touchdowns a game worse than Marcus Mariota, Alex Smith, or Ryan Fitzpatrick? Those guys aren’t setting the world on fire but all three have done enough to win a few games this season.

The Tony Romo cloak of invisibility that covered up the inefficiencies that come with having Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan as your two loudest voices in the room has worn off completely by now. Jerry Jones made the decision to move on from DeMarcus Ware, Tony Romo, and Dez Bryant, in the last handful of years placing his trust deeper in Jason Garrett’s corner each time, but why? Garrett has led 3 teams above .500 in his career, including last seasons 9-7 campaign in which the Cowboys beat the rival Eagles JV unit in a meaningless Week 17 game to rise above 8-8. Every year there have been games that leave you wondering how the Cowboys with all the continuity that Garrett allegedly brings to the team continue to look like a Pop Warner team only looking to run away from the other team’s best player and hope to get lucky along the way.

Back to Delta flight 8-8. When you took off with Garrett you were hoping for a smooth flight along the jet stream where you could watch your $8 movie in peace. As soon as the plane reached cruising altitude there was a quick shake, once that you could equate to the feeling of a broken collarbone impact wise. The next feels the same and you get thrashed into the air like a Cassel in the wind. Now that the flight attendants have been seated to let the pilot try and find a safer space to fly, we have descended into the throes of a tropical storm, with the only choice, to reroute the plane away from its original destination, and land safely back at the origin of the flight, (or Norman, Oklahoma – hello Lincoln Riley).

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