With the 2018 season officially half over, we now look toward the second half of the schedule. As the Raiders sit at 1-7, questions abound about how the offense will fare for the duration of the season. As a result, uncertainty continues to grow and spread amongst the faithful. Before we begin, please note that, yes, the team appears to be fully tanking. That is not a discussion for this article and should remain a known. With that said on to the questions.

Derek Carr’s Next Move?

If you are Carr, all you can do at this point is just relax. With zero pressure to win, he should find peace and serenity. Now, all he needs to do is just throw. The division race does not concern the Raiders. In addition, the wildcard resides beyond Oakland’s grasp. In essence, Carr plays out the string for eight consecutive weeks. Granted, that may seem tough, but all Carr can really do is use these games as a chance to familiarize himself with the new offense. If the rumors of his offseason trading are not true, Carr can use the balance of 2018 as an extended preseason. Unfortunately, this one last 16 weeks.

Easiest Remaining Defense?

While no pushovers exist, the Raiders offense should thrive versus Arizona. Under a new scheme, the Cardinals continue to find their way through a rough season. Regardless of who starts in their front seven, Carr should have enough time to possibly find open spots.

Speaking of open, which wideouts need to step up?

While Derek Carr continues to explore the limits of the new offense, maybe it’s time to see what the younger receivers can do. At this point, Jordy Nelson is what he is. Why not allow Marcell Ateman some field time to see what the Raiders could have. Oakland did spend a draft pick on him; why not see what he can do? In all honesty, the Raiders need to evaluate all of the younger wideouts to see if they fit the future. Players like Johnny Holton and Saaed Blacknall should join Ateman for reps.

In reality, no one should feel surprised at how the Raiders need to approach the rest of the season. If the team finally catches a lucky break, the Raiders will not remain at just one win for the remainder of the season, tanking aside.


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