Kansas City improved to 8-1 on Sunday by defeating Cleveland 37-21. Among the highlights of this Chiefs-Browns game is Patrick Mahomes setting a new career high in single-game passing yards and adding three more passing touchdowns. He’s now two touchdown passes away from setting a single-season record for the franchise. The defense made stops when they needed to and Damien Williams even blocked a punt. Most of all, the two playmakers from Cleveland came into their hometown and had another game-breaking performance.

Special K’s

Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce scored on all five of the Chiefs touchdowns. Kelce finished with two touchdowns, his second multi-touchdown game of the season. He also finished just a tick under a 100 receiving yards for the game. For Hunt, he is possibly playing better than any other running back in the league right now. He recorded a hat trick of touchdowns and finished with 141 total yards. When these two are playing at this level, it’s amazing to see. Even more so is the fact that they can still improve from week to week.

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Pivotal Moments

It was not a great performance by the defense, but they did well enough. Steven Nelson ended up with the only takeaway, by intercepting a Baker Mayfield pass late. But, the Chiefs should have had a takeaway right before halftime. On a 3rd and 7 near midfield, Dee Ford had a strip-sack, forced fumble and a fumble recovery all in one play. This would have given the Chiefs the ball inside the Cleveland 40 yard line with just over a minute to play within the first half. Instead, Ford was called for offsides. It did not look to be that obvious. Maybe Ford’s helmet was just slightly in the neutral zone, or his get off was just so well timed that the referee thought it was too quick. The drive continued and the Browns would end up reaching the end zone. This trimmed the Chiefs lead down to six going into halftime.

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Another pivotal moment was during the middle of the Chiefs drive coming out of halftime. On a 3rd and 4 attempt, Mahomes would find Spencer Ware on a swing pass to the left. This counteracted the Browns aggressiveness to pressure Mahomes, and as a result, Ware rumbled down inside the Cleveland 30. A few plays later Mahomes found Kelce in the end zone on a perfect throw.

Both pivotal moments seemed to slow down what success the defenses were finding.

Too Much of the Wrong Thing

This victory was buttoned up, for the most part, for Kansas City. However, if there is one negative aspect, it was the penalties. The Chiefs were called for 11 penalties, which accounted for 86 penalty yards. Meanwhile, the Browns were only called for 4 penalties, which accounted for 20 penalty yards. The Chiefs have now been called for the most penalties in the league through the first nine weeks of the season, with 76. If the Chiefs can not clean this up enough, it could possibly cost them a game later in the season.

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