2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Shaquille Quarterman

Position: MLB

School: Miami

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 239 pounds

Round Projection: 3



From first view, Quarterman uses a system of attack tackling. To put it differently, he arrives to collide while wrapping up. Although his brand of striking is physical, Quarterman does not attempt the wipeout hit. With the rules for targeting being nebulous, he tries to deliver a blow without drawing a flag. On the perimeter, Quarterman stays behind his pads and maintains a good base while playing the flats. Regardless of opponent, Quarterman looks to tackle at the waist. If running from the backside of the play, he uses the quad as a tackle target.


Shows above average burst towards the play. Not to mention, the sound ability to break on the ball. Quarterman plays in third gear while downhill. Although he is blessed with speed, his ability to blitz needs work. Quarterman must arrive at the quarterback under control. If the passer moves even slightly, Quarterman sails by without touching him.

However, the running game remains a different story. Quarterman will attack a hole and meet the back. On the edge, he will anticipate the hole and dart through to make the play.


In all honesty, Quarterman plays an unspectacular coverage. Yet, that should not count as a negative. Versus tight ends and backs, Quarterman can follow them with the ability to remain close. In addition, he excels in the short to intermediate area of the field, where his burst can negate dump passes. For instance, Quarterman attacks the receiver screen with abandon, slipping block to secure the stop.


When Quarterman steps onto the field, he assumes the leadership role. Through his eyes and adjustments is how the defense will operate. Never one to stay quiet, Quarterman will bark at teammates or shift them to get in prime playmaking position. As a result, he earned respect from teammates.

Raiders Fit

If you look at the Raiders, from a linebacker standpoint, realize how much talent that they actually lack. Tahir Whitehead is still on the books for another two seasons, although his dead money disappears after this season. Meanwhile, the host of linebacking talent looks thin. With Quarterman, the Raiders add youth and speed to a slow, plodding defense. In addition, his Day 2-3 draft value can afford the Raiders the opportunity of shoring up other positions as well.


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