Throwback Thursday: Cleveland Browns Cut Bernie Kosar 25-Years Later

Bernie Kosar

Art Modell has passed away. Bill Belichick is a five time Super Bowl winning and first ballot Hall of Fame head coach. Those two men will never be liked by fans of the Cleveland Browns for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons why is marking a milestone anniversary.

It’s ironic the 25th anniversary of the release of quarterback Bernie Kosar falls on a Thursday. It makes for the perfect throwback Thursday article for a Cleveland area based freelance sports writer.

November 8, 1993 can be the date where the Browns organization began its fall from glory. 25-years later it still has not recovered. Certainly 1995 is the darkest date in franchise history, but this date 25-years ago should have given Cleveland a preview of the tough times that lie ahead.

The city of Cleveland went into shock when the news broke that their hometown kid is being cut by the Browns. Kosar, the guy who wanted to play in Cleveland. The guy who wanted to be the one who brought the franchise its first Super Bowl championship is now gone.

Just 24-hours earlier Kosar and the Browns lost to the Denver Broncos 29-14. The plan was for Vinny Testeverde to take back his starting quarterback job once healthy. November 8, 1993 was not that day. Cleveland was in a first place tie in the old AFC Central division and now go with Todd Philcox at quarterback until Testeverde returned.

The Philcox plan crashed and burned. The Browns would go 2-6 the rest of the way and finish a disappointing 7-9. Cleveland finished third in the AFC Central division and missed the playoffs.

Money was also a key contributor to this decision. Modell got some much needed money back in his pocket. Modell also got an angry fan base and a public relations nightmare. The backlash could have added another reason for Modell to move the team to Baltimore two and a half years later.

Kosar got the last laugh. He was not a free agent for very long. The Dallas Cowboys claimed him. The Cowboys needed a quarterback with Troy Aikman battling injury. Kosar would put on the famous helmet with the star on it and end up with a Super Bowl ring at the end of the season.

Fast forward to today, the Browns have Kosar involved with the organization. To bad the dark cloud still looms over the franchise from that day as well. Someday the loyal Browns fan base and Kosar will get to enjoy the one thing we all want, the elusive Super Bowl championship.

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