Giants safety Landon Collins on franchise tag: “I don’t want it”


New York Giants safety Landon Collins was the subject of trade rumors leading up to last week’s trade deadline.

Collins, a 2015 second-round pick, is in the final year of his rookie deal and will make $1.2 million. He turns 25 on Jan. 10.

“It surprised the hell out of me,” he said in an interview with SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano. “It was a big eye opener. If they’re rebuilding, they can rebuild without me. And I’m so young still, but they could still try to find younger and put the money elsewhere, into whatever they need to put it into to rebuild their team.”

Collins is one of the few bright spots on the 1-7 Giants. He leads the team with 62 combined tackles. He has led the team in this category in each of the past three seasons. Collins was named First-team All Pro in 2016 and consecutive Pro Bowls (2016-17).

He said he would prefer to remain with the Giants but acknowledged there have been no discussions regarding a contract extension. If he doesn’t sign an extension, the Giants could elect to use the franchise tag on him…something Collins wants to avoid.

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“Honestly, I don’t want it,” he said. “I know what type of player I am. I’m going to bring forth hard work, talent, play-making abilities to the game each and every week. Why would I want to play under a one-year deal? If something happens, I’m not guaranteed. And even though I’m guaranteed for that for a year, I’m still not guaranteed.”

There is still plenty of time for the Giants and Collins to work out a long-term extension. He does understand he has no say in whether or not the Giants use their franchise tag on him.

“It is what it is,” Collins said. “If they franchise tag me, I have to go from there. I can’t go nowhere. There’s not much I can do.”

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