Offensive Titan of the Week: Week 9

Titans travel to Indy
Marcus Mariota (cred: Getty Images)

What a week for the Tennessee Titans. Did anyone even talk about them at all leading up to the Monday night game? It was all “Dallas, Dallas, Dallas,” nothing about Mariota and the Boys. That narrative hasn’t changed much even with the impressive win for the Titans. Now it’s just “The Cowboys are struggling, are they done for the year?” No surprise though, the Titans are used to it. Receive all the blame for a loss and none of the credit for a win, it’s just the way it is. This past Monday, we saw an awakening, and we should all be excited.

Marcus Mariota

Thankfully, we had options this week on who to choose. Between Dion Lewis and Marcus Mariota, I think it just has to go to Mariota. After listening all week to the mainstream media question him and his performance, he really stepped up. Mariota was 21 for 29 for 240 yards on Monday Night. He added 2 passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown to that stat line as well.

Although he lost 2 fumbles, he is definitely deserving of the award.  There were plays that Mariota made that were just insane. His pass to Darius Jennings was beautiful, as he threaded the needle between 3 defenders. Not to mention how he managed to pull the ball from Dion Lewis on his shovel pass TD to Jonnu Smith. Directly following that play, Demarcus Lawrence was beside himself. He could not understand what he had witnessed as he was confident that Lewis had the ball when he was tackled. It was an incredible play, and I recommend that you take another look at it here.

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Mariota really stepped up and made franchise quarterback plays in the win over the Cowboys. Coming in there were questions on whether or not Mariota really was the Titans guy. One game won’t stop those questions from appearing, but they should ease the minds of some weary fans for the moment. Even with Mariota’s great game, there were still some things that the Titans need to address. He can’t be sacked 4 times in a game, the Titans offensive line has to do better than that in the future. The running game still needs to improve, as Derrick Henry was non-existent. It’s become quite clear that this is Dion Lewis’s backfield for the time being.

Going Forward

This is a good momentum game for the Titans to have leading up to their battle with New England. Everyone knows by now that New England is coming to Smashville, and you bet your bottom it’s going to be rocking. This is a massive game for Tennessee, as they can really announce their arrival with a win over the Patriots. Don’t count these boys out just yet, any given Sunday!





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