With each year, AFC West offenses become younger and more athletic. When Jon Gruden took the reins again, he probably never realized what the division would evolve into so quickly. If you look at the future of the AFC West, the Raiders sit far behind the curve in so many areas. Yet, hope exists. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of what each team accomplished and what the Raiders need to do.

Chargers Offense

Regardless of how long Phillip Rivers plays, the Chargers are build to transition away from him. Instead of having an offense that solely leans on a veteran passer, Los Angeles built a young nucleus that will mature together and provide Rivers’ successor with an easy transition. Melvin Gordon, Mike Williams and Hunter Henry will give whoever the heir apparent is a plug-and play offense. Combined with Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler, the Chargers will survive, post-Rivers

Broncos Offense

Currently, the Broncos’ QB situation looks like a dumpster fire. Yet, that is the only position on the offense that looks terrible. With a sound quarterback signing, John Elway can immediately change Denver’s fortunes. If you look at the skill positions , the Broncos look eventually dangerous. The combination of Royce Freeman and Philip Lindsay look to give Denver an explosive running threat for the next 3-4 years. If Jake Butt can shake his injury woes, he gives the Broncos a credible weapon down the seam. Plus, Courtland Sutton has the makeup of a number one receiver. Now, he well see the field more with the departure of Demariyus Thomas.

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Chiefs Offense

With the inclusion of the LA Rams, no offense incites worry and fear in defenses more than the Chiefs. When Patrick Mahomes took over for Alex Smith, no one could envision the video game numbers that the second-year passer would accumulate. Plus, with Kareem Hunt operating as a dual threat, the Chiefs ground game gives the balance. Back in the passing game, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce give them a deep threat and seam buster that present matchup nightmares.

Raiders Offense

In reality, no one has a clue, which players will remain after the Gruden Purge. As a result, the team’s future remains a mystery. While the division builds their foundation, the Raiders are banking on Vegas and draft picks for a quick turnaround. Jon Gruden needs Vegas to be the biggest of successes. For a fanbase that watches mounting losses and seeing rivals improve, competing in Vegas remains a must.


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