The Cowboys will look to make a final stand in their hopes of a playoff berth this weekend against the Eagles, as the reigning Super Bowl champs have appeared to hit their stride in recent weeks.

Philadelphia is getting a few of their major contributors on offense back, Pro-Bowl tackle Lane Johnson and their gadget running back, Darren Sproles. In addition, they made a trade for Golden Tate, who is this week’s spotlight player.

Cowboy fans remember Tate for many different reasons, his dirty block on Sean Lee from his days with the Seahawks, and most recently, streaking down the sidelines for two long touchdowns in week four when he was a member of the Detroit Lions.

Hijinks aside, Tate is a fantastic player and one who could give the Dallas defense problems yet again in his first game with the Eagles.

In 2018 he has recorded 44 receptions for 517 yards and three touchdowns, two of those coming in week four, Tate also recorded his best game of the year against Dallas in the week four matchup; a perfect stat line of eight catches on eight targets for 132 yards and the aforementioned two touchdowns.

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The good thing for the Cowboys is that Tate hasn’t posted stats anywhere near that incredible in his three other games against the team, Tate’s teams are also 1-3 against the Cowboys in his career.

One way the Eagles could use Tate effectively against Dallas is in the screen game, similar to how the Titans used their small and quick players. Tate is third in the NFL in yards after catch amongst receivers in the NFL with 289 yards, according to ESPN. His numbers will only get better with an offensive line like the one the Eagles have blocking for him on those quick screens.

The Cowboys will need to be sure to tackle Tate in the open field, one missed tackle will allow him to easily find the end zone from any distance. The Dallas secondary will be tested by the numerous weapons on the Eagles, it is important to pay attention to guys like Alshon Jeffery and Zach Ertz, but they can’t forget about Tate.

Because of the numerous weapons on the Philadelphia offense, and because of the elite defense the Eagles have, the Cowboys will ultimately lose this game, 27-13. The defense will keep Tate in check, but the offense won’t do enough to give them their necessary breaks, similar to the Tennessee game.

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