NFC East Playoff Preview

Philadelphia Eagles Carson wentz

As is seemingly always the case, the NFC East is a complete dogfight. Unfortunately, one of those dogs happened to only have three legs all year and died on a boat in Miami a long time ago.

The Giants are a mess. Quite frankly, discussing this team in an article which says “Playoffs” in the title should admittedly be a borderline fireable offense. But at least they get to pay Landon Collins an unfathomable amount of money this offseason, right?

The Cowboys are, once again, showing their true colors as well. It’s time to admit it: Dak Prescott isn’t good. He never really was. The hype he got in his rookie year was always unwarranted, and now that he doesn’t have three all-pro talents protecting him, he’s turning into the Kyle Orton we all thought he was coming out of school.

Dallas is actually really intriguing for next year, however. Nothing is a guarantee as long as the NFL’s Vince McMahon is running the show, but I’d assume quite a few young offensive minds will want to work with Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper.

Despite their completely ill-advised quarterback trade this offseason, Washington’s actually doing well. They enter this week on top of the NFC East. However, they still aren’t the favorites to win this division. They lost so many people last week, I was just waiting until Jamison Crowder died of dysentery on the 33-yard line.

Washington has actually really surprised me this season. I did not expect them to even be competing for this division, but they’ve made the most out of an offense consisting of multiple players who may have applied for an AARP card at halftime. Adrian Peterson and Vernon Davis have both turned back the clock, and are a huge reason Jay Gruden has this team where they are today.

However, I continue to believe they are not better than the Eagles. Philadelphia is just too talented. Sure, they started out slow, but the defending Super Bowl Champions (that still feels weird to say) are the best team in this division.

On paper, that offense looks immaculate. How is a defense supposed to both contain the running game, contain an athletic quarterback, and defend Alshon Jeffery, Zach Ertz, Golden Tate, and Nelson Agholar?

I suppose when we saw Nelson Agholar actually catching passes earlier this year, we should have known Philly’s skid wouldn’t last. I’m not sure they are on the level of Los Angeles or New Orleans anymore, in fact, I’m fairly certain they aren’t, but they are quite a bit better than their record would indicate.  

I don’t expect this division to take 17 games to settle. This should be wrapped up rather quickly. Dallas intrigues me, Washington has impressed me, but Philly is the best team in this division. Oh, and the Giants still exist too.


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