Raiders 2019 Draft Prospect: WR Kelvin Harmon

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect WR Kelvin Harmon
North Carolina State's Kelvin Harmon (3) (AP Photo/Chris Seward)

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Kelvin Harmon

Position: Wide Receiver

School: NC State

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 212 pounds

Round Projection: 2-3



In reviewing Harmon’s film, you see strong hands throughout. Regardless of route, situation or defender position, Harmon stays ready. Now, when the tern strong hands arises, that means that Harmon possesses a vice-like grip in a myriad od situation. Plus, Harmon’s longer frame helps with catch radius. In addition, Harmon trusts his ability to catch in multiple area. For example, back shoulder fade and conventional over-the-shoulder catches. Whether facing tight coverage or looser corners, Harmon shows an ease to making the grab.


Granted, most want a burner that can streak by any defense. Yet, the real money resides with the ability to separate with functional speed. For Harmon, he possesses the ability to get even and leave a corner. Yet, his explosion becomes known on double moves. Harmon can turn on the jets during the second half of the route. Moreover, he can turn a basic quick slant into a long reception.

Route Running

If you are looking for any hole in Harmon’s game, the occasional route telegraphing stands out. Instead or running the route the same way, Harmon occasionally elongates his cut on intermediate route. However, reps in a meticulous offense will immediately fix that.

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Route Tree

During his career in Raleigh, Harmon showed aptitude at all three levels. First, he excels at the quick slant, jabbing his foot and letting the route unfold. In addition, he shows promise on the quick out and sideline plays. Next, the deep out, back shoulder fade and post look like his strongest routes. Harmon runs the last three with an easy glide. However, he does need to, as mentioned; tighten up the technical aspects, like not tipping routes. When he does, the route tree will open considerably.


For his frame, Harmon uses slightly above average quick. When he pops in and out of his breaks, he does with certainty. In the open field, Harmon brings enough shiftiness to veer away from tacklers, even with great pursuit angles.

Raiders Fit

The Raiders possess a desperate need at wideout. Instead of a “who’s who” of talent, they employ a “ who’s that?”. As a result, a player like Harmon fits. Granted, Gruden loves those grinding, lunch pail guys. Yet, if you add in Harmon’s blocking, along with the playmaking and competitive fire, his selection makes sense. If he is there on Day 2, the Raiders should take a long look.


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