If you give Reggie McKenzie a dictionary, he’s still offer up a few words. The Raiders and their GM offer up real insight regarding football matters. Now, we are discounting the transparent trollery of Jon Gruden. Meanwhile, Reggie McKenzie is all business. He approaches the microphone as if it’s radioactive. In every instance, McKenzie measures his words like the finest tailor. However, with another losing season, what goes through his mind?

The Landscape

When McKenzie took over, the Raiders were a franchise in utter disarray. Hue Jackson pulled off a mindless trade for Carson Palmer and salary cap hell hovered. Yet, through painstaking work, the Raiders emerged in great financial shape with the ability to sign free agents. McKenzie rebuilt a floundering franchise. In addition, he drafted offensive and defensive cornerstones.


While McKenzie did bring two elite draft picks to Oakland, his drafting record remains atrocious. After multiple top-64 pick failures, the Raiders lack quality depth via the draft suffered. Therein lies a major McKenzie issue. For every Carr, Mack and Jackson, theres, Hayden, Ward, Melifonwu, Heeney, and Edwards. In certain respects, the 2018 reflect the lackluster talent evaluation from McKenzie.

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Starry Eyed

When Mark Davis hired Jon Gruden, the imaginary clock on McKenzie started ticking. During the summer, Gruden’s presence grew as Davis and McKenzie faded from sight. For example, Jon Gruden practically took up residence in front of every microphone. Yet, Reggie McKenzie slipped into the background. Normally, a general manager and head coach would see mic time.

Point of Contention

Although Mark Davis prattled on about taking responsibility for trading Khalil Mack, Reggie McKenzie had to feel some sort of anger. Meaning, a generational defender shipped away for yet another rebuild. In addition, Mack served as McKenzie’s crown jewel of draft picks. If you read Reggie McKenzie’s words from earlier this summer, they tell the story of an executive legitimately upset.

The Future

In reality, Mark Davis submarined Reggie McKenzie with the hiring of Jon Gruden. Overall, McKenzie handles the issue will grace and tact. On the other hand, Gruden threw him under the bus. If the Raiders retain McKenzie, he will need to navigate the choppy GM waters with a man, known for clashing with upper management.

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