Raiders 2019 Draft Prospect Profile: Andrew Wingard

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect Andrew Wingard

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Andrew Wingard

Position: Safety

School: University of Wyoming

Height: 6ft

Weight: 215 pounds

Round Projection: 3rd-4th



Although Wingard does not possess phenomenal burst, he uses his speed wisely. With an economy of steps, Wingard will use adequate speed and proper pursuit angles. As a result, he plays much faster than his probable 40 times. To his credit, he does not take much to rev to full speed. When blitzing, Wingard will anticipate the snap and bolt when the ball starts downhill. In effect, instincts, timing, and feel make him actually more explosive.


During his storied career in Laramie, the Cowboys deployed Wingard in many ways. First, he actually played some centerfield. Now, that does not seem like the best use of his skills, since, covering that much ground taxes his athletic limits. Next, he can effectively cover the slot in a short zone. Wingard make not be twitchy, but he can react quicker and more decisively than faster safeties.

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Ball Skills

In most cases, ball hawks are athletic safeties with profound skill sets. For Wingard, he makes plays based on timing, vision, and body control. Primarily, he will actually turn to track the ball in flight. If you are a Raiders fan, you remember refs flagging DJ Hayden for not playing the ball. On the other hand, Wingard will follow the flight and then make his move. At this writing, he tallied night interceptions.


If no other aspect of Wingard’s toolbox stands out, his ability to make stops should. When he contacts the ballcarrier, Wingard emphasizes technique over the splashy play. Meanwhile, he does bring a serious thump to his tackles, usually with the shoulder to the chest. Yet, using sound leverage and hip drive, Wingard makes the play without much help. He is not a gang tackler. Instead, he prefers to quickly halt the play.


Despite giving up about a hundred pounds, Wingard will attack the line of scrimmage and tussle with lineman. With this fearless, he sheds the block and makes the play. Despite Wyoming, suffering from a poor season, Wingard’s energy, and intensity rallies the team.

Raiders Fit

With the Raiders lacking secondary help, Wingard should capture their attention on Day 3. If you look at the safety contingent, Oakland cannot boast one quality player. On the other hand, Wingard can operate as a safety, in either the box of deep middle. Moreover, he will see time as a linebacker in nickel packages, due to his tackling ability.


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