A tough first season ends in tragedy for Smith

It had been a rough first season for Alex Smith.  He was getting beaten and battered by local media and fans for his performance.  He had thrown two horrific interceptions against the Texans, the first being a pick-six and the deciding factor in the game.  It was in the 3rd quarter when Smith was sacked, and his right lower leg/ankle were rolled up on and started flopping around.  Smith immediately knew something was wrong as he threw off his helmet and pulled his jersey over his head in agony.  The training staff rushed to the field and immediately tended to the injury by putting an air cast on his right ankle.  Per CBS, Smith spent 10 minutes getting x-rays before his was transported to a local Prince George’s County hospital via ambulance.

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Head coach Jay Gruden announced at the postgame press conference that Alex Smith had broken his tibia and fibula and required immediate surgery.  This news all but ends Smith’s season with the Redskins.

Back-up Options

It is too early to speculate if this could be a career ender.  However, it is more than pressing that Doug Williams and the Redskins front office start reviewing film of quarterbacks they can add to the roster next season.

As for right now, Colt McCoy will be the starter for the rest of the season.  There are options out there for Washington to fill in their back-up quarterback position.  Sam Bradford and Colin Kaepernick have come up as options.  Bradford was released by Arizona earlier this year and Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since 2016.  The Redskins can look at other teams practice squads and sign those quarterbacks, but options are limited at this point since the trade deadline has passed.

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