Contrary to common belief, successful sports betting is not a child’s game. In fact, if you want to be a successful punter, you have to spend a good deal of time studying the betting market, the sports you wager on, and of course, you should also be familiar with the teams/players you bet on. 

However important knowledge might be, taking valuable tips into account is just as essential. Bear in mind that people with experience in sports betting have valuable things to say. In the following lines, we have asked our experts to give their professional opinion on how to make money with sports betting. 

If you want to improve your sports betting strategy and increase your winnings, read our advice and take them into account the next time you bet on your favorite sport. 

Always search for value 

You might have heard professional sports bettors talk about value. True, value is an important aspect to consider when betting. Further, contrary to beginners’ expectations, finding value is not difficult at all. So, what is value and why is it important? 

Let us say you want to bet on Liverpool to beat Arsenal in a football fixture at odds of 1.2. Are the odds betting sites offers realistic, or are they lower than Liverpool’s actual winning chance? You will place a value bet only when it is more probable for Liverpool to win than indicated by the odds. 

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Simply said, betting on value is the only way to ensure long-term profits – if you place hundreds of bets based on value, you will not lose as much money as you will if you ignore the concept of value. 

Learn how to identify value and you and you will see when the odds are too high as well as when they are too low. In the end, avoid betting when there is no value. 

Do not underestimate the underdog 

Of course, betting on the favorite might be appealing, especially when all of your friends bet on them. But when too many people bet on the favorite, the odds get stacked in their favor. In such a case, betting on the underdog will yield mind-blowing payouts.

Whenever you consider the game is close and the underdog has a real chance to win, you can capitalize on the favorite by betting on the underdog. 

Avoid accumulators

What most beginners fail to grasp is that there is a reason behind accumulators’ enhanced odds. But that reason is not difficult to understand – winning an accumulator is incredibly difficult. Naturally, if you have been betting on sports for a number of years, you are probably experienced enough to place winning accumulators. But even experienced bettors do not always win. 


  1. Thanks for pointing out that when betting on sports if you learn how to identify value and you then you will see when the odds are too high as well as when they are too low. My husband has been thinking about starting to bet on more sports, but he isn’t really sure where to start. I think that it might be smart for him to look into talking with a sports investment consultant that can help him figure out where to start as well as how to identify value so he can have a better chance of winning.

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