Atlanta has been a disappointment the past two weeks. Heading into Cleveland, fans were filled with hopes for a playoff run. All they had to do was get past Cleveland and Dallas. Miserably, Atlanta has found a way to lose both, leaving them at 4-6 heading into prime time versus the hottest team on the planet in the New Orleans Saints. In this match-up Atlanta’s defense will have their hands full, but there is reason to believe this game will be fun.

Best Defense Is Offense

Atlanta’s defense has been nothing short of awful the past two weeks. Tackling has been a problem all year. To make matters worse, our secondary is getting picked a part by the likes of  Dak Prescott and Baker Mayfield. The energy lately has been down. If Atlanta’s offense can put up points and get an early lead, Atlanta’s defense will be in better shape by making the Saint’s offense a little more predictable.

Make This Team One Dimensional

Atlanta has had success in the games where they force opposing teams to be one dimensional. In three of their four wins, Atlanta has held the opposing team’s running back under 40 yards. Last time, when Kamara came to Atlanta, Dan Quinn’s defense held him to 66 yards. This time New Orleans has both Ingram and Kamara. New Orleans is the best offense in the league right now, but forcing them into passing every down can help with defensive reads.

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Effort on Defense

Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, and Michael Thomas have all had success all season. The Saints are the scariest offense in the NFL. With Brees playing at MVP caliber, this offense is going to put up points. The Saints are averaging 33 PPG and put up 43 against Atlanta the first time. If Dan Quinn and this defense want to give this team a shot at winning, their effort is going to have to exceed the Saints. New Orleans is more talented, but any team can win a game if their efforts are outmatched. It would help if our defensive leader, Deion Jones is back on the field. However, with the playoffs hopes looking dead, he has been ruled out.

Best Guess

I love this team and am confident that Atlanta can make something happen with the high energy and emotion of a division rivalry. But at the moment, New Orleans is too hot and just too good for Atlanta to come away with a win tomorrow. As fans we should be happy tomorrow if they give us a game worth watching. Hopefully Atlanta rises up with some pride and competes tomorrow.

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