Is There a Friendly Wager on ‘The Game’ Involving Cleveland Browns Defensive Backs?

Jabrill Peppers
Source: Scott Piker

The ‘Battle of Ohio’ is on the mind of Cleveland Browns cornerback Denzel Ward and safety Jabrill Peppers.

It’s not the only game this weekend taking place in the Buckeye state the young defensive backs will be keeping an eye on. Saturday is the 114th edition of ‘The Game.’ The Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Michigan Wolverines at ‘the Horseshoe’ in Columbus.

The Buckeyes enter ‘The Game’ as the underdog for the first time since 2011. The Wolverines are looking to advance to the Big Ten championship game and keep their College Football Playoff hopes alive.

So are Ward, the former Buckeye, and Peppers, the former Wolverine going to place a friendly wager on the showdown in ‘The Shoe?’

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“Not really,” Peppers said Friday during Browns media availability. “I asked him to put a wager on it, but he did not want to put a wager on it (laughter). I think he knows what is up (laughter).”

Was it even in consideration?

“No, he did not want to put a wager on that (laughter),” Peppers said.

Ward did not speak to the media this week. So we don’t have his side of the story. Peppers really wants a wager. It would involve the loser wearing the opposing teams jersey.

“That is the first thing that he said,” Peppers said. “So I said, ‘Let’s bet.’ He said, ‘I am not putting on any Michigan [clothing].’ I am like, ‘Are you scared? You do not have belief in your boys (laughter)?’ We will figure something out. It is not going to be as fun if he does not do that in my opinion, but it is what it is.”

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