2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Chase Hansen

Position: LB

School: The University of Utah

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 230 pounds

Round Projection: 2-3



In evaluating Hansen, two aspects of his burst need analysis. First, his acceleration puts him in the middle of just about of every play. Not to mention, Hansen thrives in every direction, due to his explosion. Whether he is running downhill, racing toward the sideline or a deep drop into coverage. In addition, Hansen is an evolving blitzing. To this point, in 2018, he notched five sacks. However, Hansen must guard against false steps and overpursuit.


Converting from safety, Hansen appears at ease when dropping back. If the pass veers in either direction, Hansen takes the smart angle. In an era where many take sharp angles and lose contain, Hansen plays it smart.

Ball Skills

In his first season as a full-time linebacker, Hansen incorporated safety skills into his new role. Deflecting passes takes timing. Hansen shows that anxious patience when the ball is near.


Depending on the circumstances, you will get two versions of Hansen’s tackling. Around the line of scrimmage, Hansen prefers a textbook approach. That is to say, he will wrap and drive. While not splashy, the play ends. Hansen keeps a sound base during the play. On the other hand, with the ball aloft, Hansen will destroy the receiver. To his credit, he owns several highlight reel hits. Yet, he threw that all aside to adapt a disciplined approach.


For all of Hansen’s explosion as a hitter, you must admire his maturity. Arriving as a safety, Hansen solely focused on open field punishment and destruction. Yet, now, as his college career closes out, maturity ensues. Since moving to linebacker, Hansen uses the aggression creatively. Whether shedding blocks or surfing through trash, the intensity remains. At the next level, Hansen will bring that ferocity to the forefront of wherever he plays.

Raiders Fit

With a defense, that needs a serious overhaul; the Raiders need to address every area, except defensive tackle. With that said, linebacker continues to be an issue. A player like Hansen can fill a myriad of roles. He possesses the agility to stay with tight ends, the speed to meet backs at the edge, or effectively blitz. If you look at the current roster, what linebacker do you have the most faith in? Hansen’s fits in, because the Raiders lack versatility.

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