2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: TJ Vasher

Position: WR

School: Texas Tech

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 190 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3


Before, we analyze Vasher’s hands; we need to look at his vision. Due to his 6’6” frame, Vasher needs to possess top-flight hand-eye coordination to make catches. Luckily, he owns that trait. As mentioned, a receiver of his height presents an incredible catch radius. If Vasher cannot get a hand on the ball, it is not meant to be caught.


While Vasher can get vertical on defenders, he does not fit the mold of a burner. With elongated strides, Vasher builds speed after the first two or three steps. Yet, he will streak by corners. Although Vasher does not use classic burst to separate, he remains effective at going vertical with ease.

Route Running

If there is a need for improvement, Vasher must tighten up his breaks. Because of his long frame, sharp cuts may not always occur. With this is mind, heavy drilling and repetitions will smooth this issue out. For now, Vasher must remember to not tip his routes, allowing the defender to guess and anticipate.

Route Tree

Despite only seeing one game of field time as a true freshman, Vasher vastly improved his tree with field time. No long just a 50/50 player, Vasher, honed his skills on the post, fade, inside screen, not to mention, the go. With further coaching, the route tree will completely open up for him


If you could place verticality in this category, Vasher excels. First, his leaping ability could rank among the best in this draft class. With ease of motion, Vasher rises above defender to snatch the ball. Next, there is no build up, no plant and leap. Vasher will elevate with ease.


Although, Texas Tech lists Vasher at 190 pounds, he uses his weight to effectively block downfield. While he does not pancake anyone, Vasher will engage and stay locked. That shows any evaluator a mean streak, needed to survive at the next level.

Raiders Fit

In essence, the Raiders need many types of receivers. Vasher fits on Day 3, because he would present a red zone option that Derek Carr still misses. When the team released Michael Crabtree, the Raiders cut Carr’s security blanket and red zone threat, Vasher could fill a redzone role. In addition, the Raiders could benefit from the explosion of you. Veteran wideouts start breaking down, leaving the team with no options. If Oakland is smart, drafting younger skill position players extends the window of opportunity.



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