A video has been obtained by TMZ that shows Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt shoving a woman and kicking her while she is on the ground. This altercation happened back in February in a Cleveland hotel. Back in February, a police report was made. Hunt was never arrested or charged in the incident, though. Alcohol was reportedly involved between both parties as well.

Back in August, Chiefs CEO and Owner Clark Hunt was asked if he anticipated a suspension for Kareem Hunt, “I really don’t. But we tend not to be privy to those decisions that are made by the NFL.” Hunt added by saying, “The team is made up of a bunch of young men. They’re not always going to make the best decisions, but we have a strong support system, both with the coaching staff and also with our player development department that works with young guys and talks to them about the situations that they want to be in. Kareem is a young man, second year in the league, obviously had a very big year on the field last year- I’m sure he learned some lessons this offseason and hopefully won’t be in those kinds of situations in the future.”

The Chiefs are saying that they are learning about this video at the same time that the public is. That’s where people are mad at this situation, besides the fact that a woman was attacked. If the Chiefs and the NFL had prior knowledge of this video, then something should have been done sooner.

Here is how the day went for both Hunt and the Chiefs, according to local media in Kansas City:

1:00- Chiefs end practice
1:30- Hunt enters the locker room and then exits during player availability
1:40- TMZ drops the video
2:00 Hunt is sent home by the team upon learning of the release of the video.

For now, it’s possible that Hunt could be placed on the commissioner’s exempt list. If that were to happen, he could not practice or attend games, but “with the club’s permission he may be present at the club’s facility on a reasonable basis for meetings, individual workouts, therapy and rehabilitation and other permitted non-football activities.” Also, if a player is placed on the commissioner’s exempt list, it would “permit the league to conduct an investigation.” Hunt would be able to appeal being placed on this list.

Update: Kareem Hunt was released by the Kansas City Chiefs

In 2014, the NFL changed their Conduct Policy to a set baseline of a six-game suspension for domestic violence. This certainly warrants a suspension at minimum, we’ll see if it results in more than that. For now, we will have to wait for more news on the situation.

The Chiefs will still look towards Sunday’s matchup against the Raiders in Oakland on Sunday. No question, Kareem Hunt will not play in the game Sunday, and who knows when and if he’ll play again. Spencer Ware certainly has experience as a starter and his role just became a whole lot bigger.

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