The Colts got shut out in Jacksonville, losing 6-0. This was the worst game of Colts football since the Colts lost 27-0 against the Jags last season. The Jaguars defense played lights out but this was a game that the Colts could have, and probably should have won.

The Colts failed to convert three fourth downs with one yard to go, all in field goal range. If Frank Reich swallowed his pride and kicked three field goals, the Colts win this game. If this game didn’t need any more controversy, the Colts were driving on their final drive of the game. With five seconds remaining, Jalen Ramsey clearly tackled Erik Swoope out of bounds but the refs ruled it in bounds. Does Andrew Luck score on one play from 25 yards out? Probably not. But an egregious call from a referee team that called a horrible day cost the Colts a shot at life.

Giving credit where credit is due, the Jacksonville defense turned it up to 11. It looked like 2017 all over again. They were fast, tough, and they flew all around the field. No pass was left uncontested and their defensive line tossed around the Colt offensive line like a ragdoll. The Colts’ offensive line played its worst game of the season, conceding three sacks and nine QB hits. The Jaguars were in the backfield all day. The Colts failed to establish any semblance of a running game, carrying the ball a total of 16 times for 41 yards. Andrew Luck’s streak of three touchdown games came to an end, as he only managed 248 yards and an interception.

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The Colts defense had a good game but they gave too many openings to a Cody Kessler-led Jaguar offense without Leonard Fournette. Denico Autry dominated the Jaguars’ offensive line, collecting seven tackles, three sacks, three tackles for loss, and four QB hits. Anthony Walker led the team in tackles with nine.

This embarrassment was a wake-up call to the Colts that they aren’t a playoff team yet. The Jaguars defense is great, yes, but the Colts offense put up 29 points on this same defense just a few weeks ago. The Colts have a lot of soul searching and a lot of work to do. The Colts will face the red-hot¬†Texans in Houston next week in a game that will essentially decide the fate of the Colts’ season.

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