2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Carl Granderson

Position: DE

School: The University of Wyoming

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 262 pounds

Round Projection: 3-4

Pass Rush

Despite not tallying outstanding sack numbers, Granderson flashes next level ability. First, start with his hands. Granderson’s long arms provide him the ability to keep tackles off his torso. As a result, tackles cannot continuously steer Granderson away from the action. Next, Granderson brings an arsenal to the field. Armed with a swim that he can unleash on either shoulder, Granderson can win with this move against slower tackles. Meanwhile, his rip and counter are developing with each snap. Granderson commits to these moves and does not execute them half-heartedly. Thankfully, he does not favor the spin. Instead, he keeps discipline and focus on the tackle.

Run Stuffing

In an era of edge rush specialists, teams forget the need to anchor versus the run. While his pass rushing evolves, stopping the run is Granderson’s most ready current skillset. From the snap, Granderson eyes the ball. Then, he instinctively picks his move. Usually lined up wider, Granderson opts for the inside slip, across the tackles face. After, he will clog the gap and make the play.


Although not blessed with premier edge speed, Granderson relies on short-area burst. That is to say, from snap to ball out, he gets up the field quickly. Meanwhile, when chasing down backside plays, Granderson does compete with adequate quickness.


Despite only playing at 260 pounds, Granderson uses decent strength to jolt offensive linemen. In the NFL, he will need to incorporate his entire frame into the approach. With a little more coil, Granderson could improve the bull rush significantly.


Unlike many edge rushers, Granderson finishes with decent pop and a penchant for no extra yardage. When he wraps up and drives, the ballcarrier stops in his tracks. In addition, Granderson uses his hips and leverage to assist in the process. Thankfully, the arm tackling and reaching never became a part of his arsenal.

Raiders Fit

In all honesty, the Raiders will probably draft an edge rusher in the first round. Yet, room exists for Granderson. Arden Key struggles mightily versus the run, failing to wrap up and assert himself. As a result, Granderson and the other rookie rusher good operate on the first two downs, while Key faces passing situations. Then again, if Granderson continues to evolve his rush skills, he could push Key slowly out of the starting picture entirely. Granderson, despite a lack of one particular stellar trait, does so many things well. In return, that increases his value to the Raiders.

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