Another win for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs put together another complete game. Turnovers, sacks, protecting the football, everything was working on Sunday. The cherry on top? It came against a division foe. The biggest surprise was the four interceptions the Buccaneers defense picked up. Like we all thought, Andrew Adams had a big game with three interceptions. Whatever the case, another welcomed sight for the sore eyes of Bucaneers fans. A few weeks ago it was only a matter of time until Dirk Koetter was fired. Now, the question is quickly becoming, will he be fired at all? What about Jason Licht? those calling for his head seemed to have quieted down after only two wins. Winning cures everything, but the season is far from over.

The Offense: The Good

Stat: 315

The Buccaneers offense put up their 3rd lowest yardage total of the season. The first was against the Bears…. Yeah, let’s just pretend that didn’t happen. The second one was against the Panthers in the first meeting. unlike he first two times, this time, the result was a victory. How can a low yardage total be a success? Because with only 300 15 yards, they were able to score 24 points. Efficiency folks! In five games this season which the offense has put up over 500 yards the Bucs are 1-4. As you know, yards don’t mean much. The offense has gotten recognition as number one in the league in yards per game, but their record isn’t much to brag about.

The Bad

Stat: 4

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers struggled to protect Jameis Winston on Sunday. Donovan Smith in particular, struggled mightily. At certain points he looked just plain lazy. Overall, the offensive line hasn’t been THAT bad, but I’m pretty sure the organization wants to aim higher than that. Ali Marpet and Ryan Jensen have covered up many of the deficiencies of this offensive line, but with Demar Dotson getting older and Donovan Smith still shaky, the Bucs need to address it in the coming off-season.

The Defense: The Good

Stat: 2 and 1

The Bucs managed two sacks and one interception in the first quarter of the game on Sunday. Why those stats? Three words: Setting the tone (do we even count “the”?). The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense did something on Sunday that the team has been talking about for a long time: Start fast. The tempo set by the defensive line early helped to maintain control of the game. Although the Panthers scored on their second drive, it was clear that the defense coming out strong affected the mindset of the Panthers throughout the game. 24-17 doesn’t seem all that bad, but if you watched the game, you know the Panthers never had a chance. The Bucs controlled the game from start to finish. They never let their foot off the gas and that started with the defense.

The Bad

Stat: 8.8

For how well they played, the defense still had their flaws. The defense allowed Carolina to average 8.8 yards per carry when running the football. To an extent, Christian Mccafrey and Cam Newton are a tough duo to stop. That being said, The Bucs have to better at stopping the run. Especially with the Saints coming into town on Sunday. If the Bucs allow the Saints to average 8.8 yards per carry….. Ohhhh boy.


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