The hole just keeps getting deeper, doesn’t it? The Atlanta Falcons dropped their fourth straight loss last Sunday to the Baltimore Ravens 26-16. In all of the horrifically bad performances I’ve seen from this team this was by far the worst. The offense turned into a potato in the second half and the defense couldn’t get off the field if their lives depended on it. Not to mention, the coaching was absolutely terrible…again.

Inept Offense

This may of been the worst performance from the offense since Week 1. They could get absolutely nothing going and managed ONLY 131 yards on 45 plays. To put this in perspective, the Ravens passing attack, which mustered out 159 yards, outgained the combined offensive attack of Atlanta by 28 yards. The run game for the Falcons was basically non-existent as it gained 34 yards. No that’s not a typo. Only 34 yards. To make things worse, Ito Smith had the best day with 7 carries and only 22 yards. And let’s finish things off with good ol Steve Sarkisian.  We were treated to more terrible play calling and ineffective offense. A prime example of this was the Wildcat call to Sanu on 3rd and 1. You heard that right. A freaking WILDCAT CALL on 3RD AND 1 where we only need one yard to move the sticks. As you might expect, it didn’t work and it ended Sanu’s pass completions streak. May it Rest In Peace. Oh yeah and great job only running 6 plays in the ENTIRE second half for about two minutes of time of possession. Truly elite guys well done.

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Where In The World Is Julio Jones?

Look, I love Julio as much as y’all do but his performace was terrible. Julio got locked up the whole game and couldn’t get anything going. According to Jeff Ratcliffe, Julio was shadowed by Ravens corner Jimmy Smith for 78% of his routes. During that time, he got his only two catches but only saw three targets. Props to Jimmy Smith for locking down the best receiver in the league. As for Julio, this can not happen again. I know corners are always studying him looking for ways to shut him down but he’s gotta find ways to work around it and be productive. When Julio isn’t going, the offense isn’t going and it definitely showed today.


Wimpy Defense

You can cry about the injuries on the defense all you want but when it can’t get off the field, especially in the second half, then its at the point where the defense is just utter trash. In the second half, the Ravens ran 37 plays for a time of possession of 20:47. The Ravens on third down went 7-15(46%) and were a perfect 2 for 2 on 4th down. Yes I know that the defense caused a turnover and Vic Beasley ran it all the way back for a score. But sorry guys, one play doesn’t hide all the other garbage the defense did today. Giving up 366 yards on your home field is something no team should be proud of.

Final Falcons Word

The Falcons travel up to Green Bay this week to take on another stuggling team in the Packers. At this point, the season is lost and I just want this team to tank for a high draft pick. Ed Oliver is looking really nice at the moment. #EndItForEd

Well I hope you enjoyed my article this week and remember to always RISE UP! See you all next week as I’ll be recapping the game against the Packers.

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