2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Qadree Ollison

Position: Running Back

School: The University of Pittsburgh

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 230 pounds

Round Projection: 4

Run Style

If you look at Ollison on the sidelines, from the visual, you know what type of runner he is. With his build, frame, and power, Ollison runs to contact. Between the tackles, Ollison will attempt to make defenders pay with a brutal running style. After over five hundred carries and forty-eight games, Ollison is what he is. Yet, there are wrinkles to his game that some bright coordinator can expand upon at the next level. Coupled with the downhill style,  Ollison maintains the ability to gain chunk yardage.


Granted, Ollison will not conjure up thoughts of former Pitt greats LeSean McCoy or Curtin Martin with quickness. Yet, Ollison uses size-appropriate quicks to get those extra yards. That is to say, he will make one decisive cut and head upfield. With no wasted motion, Ollison will change his running lane via that one cut.

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Despite weighing 230 pounds, Ollison can run away from defenders. While he will not win every footrace to the endzone, Ollison can gain large chunks of yardage. In the open field, he can throw it into second gear, giving defenders just a bit more separation to deal with. Although not blessed with blazing burst, Ollison does not plod down the sideline.


If there is a need to improve his game, catching the ball ranks at the top of the list. Ollison can catch. The issue remains if he can make consistent grabs, and then turn the ball upfield. At Pitt, he snagged fifty passes, most on swing passes to the flat. In the NFL, Ollison will need to learn a more complex route tree.

Raiders Fit

With uncertainty surrounding Marshawn Lynch’s return, the Raiders need to plan for the future. In addition, the RB corps needs a strong overhaul. Jalen Richard performed well this season. However, he is not a three-down back due to size limitations. Moreover, Jon Gruden prefers a bigger lead back. DeAndre Washington does not seem to fit the Oakland mold under Gruden. Chris Warren seems to be the consensus pick to take the starting job. Yet, with Ollison, the Raiders could big a bigger back with a little more burst. On the other hand, pairing Warren and Ollison would give the Raiders a punishing running game. Plus, that means Richard would contribute to on third downs.


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