The Falcons have been disappointing. We can put the blame it on injuries, but that does not excuse the poor execution. I’m concerned about the health of Matt Ryan at this point because the offensive line is playing so bad.

Ryan is on pace to get hit more this season than any other season. Let’s not forget that he once played behind an offensive line that manned the likes of Mike Person and James Stone. It’s been that bad.

Here is what we need to watch against the Packers:

Aaron Rodgers

No matter their record, we always have to be on the watch for Aaron Rodgers. This is the same guy who took the beat up Green Bay team to the NFC Championship game in 2016. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league for a reason and Atlanta will need to be ready.

The Falcons don’t have much to play for at this point of the season, but containing Rodgers is worth it. The team in the past has done a very good job against Rodgers in the past. It’s also important to note that those teams were Mike McCarthy led.

The stakes are much different this time around as both teams are playing for pride. This doesn’t mean that the Falcons have less of a task against one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.

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Matt Ryan

As I noted in the opening. I am very concerned about the health of Matt Ryan. Every time he gets hit (feels like every play) I gasp and hope he is okay. It’s terrifying and that is why I have Ryan as a player to watch against Green Bay.

If Ryan continues to get hit at this rate, we might be saying goodbye to next season too. As nice as a top 10 pick would be this offseason, it would mean nothing with an injured quarterback. As healthy as Ryan has been in his career, it’s no guarantee for the future.

Nonetheless, Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff need to do more to protect their franchise quarterback. This is really unacceptable from a team that produced a top 10 offensive line the last two season.

Deion Jones

In his return, Deion Jones was able to wrap up 15 tackles and finish the day with one sack. Boy, it was nice to have him back against Baltimore. Jones was definitely missed this season and his presence on the field was definitely felt.

Jones being on the field is could help elevate players like Foye Oluokun and Duke Riley. He’s worth keeping an eye on as the Falcons prepare for a tough game at Lambeau Field. More importantly, it’s key that the Falcons finish the final four games healthy.

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