The Tennessee Titans have put themselves in a position where to make the playoffs, they’e going to need some help. They currently sit a game back of the last wild card position which may be their only chance at the postseason after losing to the Texans last week. Also, because of the Titans’ losses to the Ravens, Dolphins, Colts, and Chargers, they aren’t in any position to win a tiebreaker. Therefore, not only will Tennessee need to win their own games, but fans will have to root against other AFC contenders. Here is who they should be rooting for in Week 13.

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars

This one seems to be obvious. The Colts are a game up on the Titans and beat them two weeks ago. The Jaguars almost knocked off the Colts a couple of weeks ago, but fell just short. This time they will have Cody Kessler at quarterback and be looking to end a seven game losing streak. The Titans play the Colts in Week 17 and will need Indianapolis to lose at least one more game before that matchup. Rooting for the Jaguars may hurt, but a Jacksonville win would help the Titans this week.

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are tied with the Titans right now at 5-6 and one more loss could effectively eliminate them from the race. The Bills may have one of the worst rosters in the league, but they still have four wins on the year. They knocked off the Titans and the Vikings who are both looking to sneak into the postseason. The Dolphins are probably not the biggest threat to Tennessee’s playoff chances, but they still hold the tiebreaker and fans should be rooting for Buffalo on Sunday.

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Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals

In this matchup, for the most part, Titans’ fans should be just glad that one of the teams will lose. Both sit at 5-6 heading into this game, and are serious threats to the Titans playoff chances. However, one of these teams seems more dangerous than the other. The Broncos are coming off of two big wins over the 7-win Steelers and 8-win Chargers. The Bengals have lost 4 out of 5 and lost their starting quarterback for the season. The Broncos look like the bigger threat right now and if the Bengals can pull a game out at home, it would most likely work out better for Tennessee.

Baltimore Ravens at Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have had a very disappointing season thus far. However, this team still has talent. The Ravens seem like the most likely team to find their way into the sixth seed in the AFC, so the Falcons stepping up would be big for Tennessee. Baltimore has found a way to win two games in a row with their rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson, and it looks like their roster is finally coming together. Atlanta has taken a step back, but they are still dangerous and at home, they could catch the Ravens off guard. This may be the most important game of the week for the Titans. If the Ravens lose and the Titans win, the schedules over the last month of the season favor Tennessee. Titans’ fan should all be supporting the dirty birds on Sunday.

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