With Atlanta’s playoff hopes out of the window, Dan Quinn should have some opportunity to try new things and get some young guys some reps. Green Bay is in a similar scenario, dropping their past 3 games by a combined 13 points. Both teams that are typically in the playoff race around this time find themselves in an odd scenario. Regardless, Atlanta’s defense will need answers for Aaron Rodgers and this usually explosive offense. 

Make Rodgers Uncomfortable

Aaron Rodgers is a rare type of quarterback. There are not many guys with the ability to throw on the run with so much accuracy the way he does. He has the ability to get the job done wherever he is on the field. If Atlanta wants to disrupt his game, they will need a pass rush and to force him to get rid of the ball quick. With Mike McCarthy fired, all eyes will be on Rodgers. Rodgers will be feeling the pressure from just about all of Lambeau, but will he feel it from the Falcons?

Contain Davante Adams

Davante Adams is Aaron Rodgers safety net. He is having a season well worth of a Pro Bowl Selection. With 85 receptions, 1115 Yards, and 11 of Aaron Rodgers’ 21 Touchdowns, Atlanta will need to provide help for Desmond Trufant. If Atlanta can contain him and keep him double covered on the regular, both Adams and Rodgers should be frustrated. This game is an emotional one in Green Bay. Take away Adams and Aaron Rodgers might just explode in frustration.

Win The Turnover Battle 

In 2017, Atlanta handled Green Bay twice. Both games, Atlanta won the turnover battle. Rodgers only has 1 interception on the season, but Green Bay is second in the league in fumbles lost at 10. With Rodgers playing this game with a lot of emotion, there should be opportunity for Atlanta to steal a couple of his passes and his teammates are more than likely to let go of the ball as well.

Best Guess

If Atlanta can take advantage of the Packers in this high emotion game, Atlanta should be able to steal a win on the road. Playing Rodgers is always a tough task. If Atlanta’s offense can’t get their act together, this defense should be in for a long game. However, if this defense can apply extra pressure to Rodgers, they could make some noise. 

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