The Phoenix Suns haven’t made the playoffs since 2010. And it doesn’t seem they have any plans to end that streak anytime soon. Currently positioned as the fifteenth seed in the West with a depressing four wins and 21 losses, Phoenix has lost nine of their last ten games and the last four have been without one of their brightest (of very few) gleams of light, Devin Booker.

Regardless, Phoenix’s past two games have truly shown the type of grind it out play style they have adopted. In a span of three days, the Suns have managed to score just 18 total, first-quarter points. And although you may think that is terrible efficiency, in those quarters, the Suns outscored their opponents by -52.

Anyway, I am very impressed with the Suns. To throw so many seasons away just to draft a possible role player in the top 5 whose career will probably be wasted away, tanking for the next draft pick, it’s truly beautiful. Players such as Dragan Bender and even Josh Jackson have proven nothing more than minute eaters who are waiting for the next franchise “cornerstone.”

Then again, according to the everyone, this draft class is a special one. Zion, Barret, Redish, Little, There’s no way the Suns could possibly mess this one up. Right?

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Rockets vs. Jazz

This Rockets team is bad. Like, really bad. Last night, they went against another surprisingly disappointing team in the Utah Jazz… and lost by 27 points. Both Harden and Capela shot under 40% from the field and Chris Paul is quickly starting to show his aging body. I would also like to take this time to shamelessly point out that I listed Chris Paul as one of the most overpaid free agents last summer. Anyway, it would’ve seemed like the Rockets had a very good chance of running away with this game considering Rudy Gobert was ejected in the first quarter and Donovan Mitchell finished the game with six points. So basically, the Rockets lost to a Joe Ingles/Derrick Favors led squad… by 27 points.


Knicks- 100, Celtics- 128

Suns- 86, Trail Blazers- 108

Rockets- 91, Jazz- 118

Friday’s Games

Nuggets @ Hornets (Prediction: Nuggets win)

76ers @ Pistons (Prediction: 76ers win)

Pacers @ Magic (Prediction: Magic win)

Raptors @ Nets (Prediction: Raptors win)

Kings @ Cavaliers (Prediction: Kings win)

Thunder @ Bulls (Prediction: Thunder win)

Grizzlies @ Pelicans (Prediction: Grizzlies win)

Lakers @ Spurs (Prediction: Lakers win)

Heat @ Suns (Prediction: Heat win)

Warriors @ Bucks (Prediction: Warriors win)

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