The Colts have finally given fans what they want, just a taste of uber-talented 5th round rookie Reece Fountain, with Dontrelle Inman being out, don’t be surprised if Fountain is inserted straight into the lineup this week in Houston. With the Colts only a game behind the Lamar Jackson led Ravens, it couldn’t have come at a better time. The Colts offense looked mostly inept last weekend offensively, which also makes this call-up seem all the more important. With Fountain being mostly unknown, shedding some light on the mega-talented receiver and his ability in this article will give Colts fans a feeling of hope.



His 4.46 40-yard dash may seem middle of the pack, but couple it with his tremendous height and length and Reece Fountain has the range and athleticism to go get every ball Andrew Luck could dream of throwing.

Leaping ability

Although he did not participate in the combine, he left his mark on it. At his pro day at the University of Northern Iowa, he leaped an astonishing 42.5 inches, which would have placed him at #1 in wide receivers at the combine, and also the highest vertical of ANY prospect at the 2018 combine. He also topped the leaderboard at the broad jump at 11 feet, 2 inches. This allows Fountain to go overtop almost anyone and bring down gravity-defying catches like this one:

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At 6’2” 210 LBS, Fountain has the size to make NFL teams pay by matching him up against smaller cornerbacks, his long arms and large hands also make it difficult to press and get into him at the line of scrimmage when his technique is correct, he can create separation with just the extension of an arm, and is a mismatch nightmare for NFL head coaches, with the size to beat smaller corners, and the athleticism to run right by bigger corners.

Ball Skills

Fountain reads the ball like a centerfielder, and can make things happen when you throw it his way, he tracks the ball and uses his fluid athleticism to leap from awkward angles with defenders draped all over him, then he calmly elevates and snags the ball, bringing his feet down to complete the catch, he is the quintessential jump ball receiver and could turn some Andrew Luck bombs into SportsCenter top 10 plays in the very near future.

Fountain has all the tools that make NFL GMs salivate, and after doing his due diligence on the Colts practice squad, he looks to make an impact in a very important divisional clash with the Texans, the Colts may look to him early, and could perhaps find their Fountain of youth.


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