Cole Murphy is arguably the most prolific kicker in Syracuse’s school history. Now, he’s set to become the first kicker in San Diego Fleet history.

During his time with the Orange, Cole was named to the All-ECAC First Team, All-ACC Third Team, and was a semifinalist for the Lou Groza Award which is given to the top placekicker in college football. Murphy also finished as the all-time leader in Syracuse history with 59 made field goals. In addition to made field goals, Murphy ended top five all-time in numerous kicking categories such as total points and PATs made for Syracuse. However, after his senior season in 2017, Murphy failed to make an NFL roster and now finds himself in an unusual situation. Yearning for a shot in the NFL, Murphy will attempt to use the AAF, a league entering its inaugural season, as a stepping stool towards his goal. And I had a chance to discuss this with him:

Question: Finishing as arguably the most prolific kicker in Syracuse history, I’m assuming the plan was to transition to the NFL straight out of college. So what was the moment you instead decided to instead develop more and join the AAF?

Answer: “After the NFL Draft passed and I didn’t receive any phone calls to attend rookie mini camps, I was pretty upset. I continued to train really hard and kick vigorously. I knew (and still know) that I have room to grow and become more accurate, powerful, and mentally sound. After Dave Boller, who was our player personnel guy at Syracuse, called me and asked about my interest in playing in this league, I knew it was something I had to do.”

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Question: I noticed that you’re related to Robert Fish, a former pitcher for the Braves. What type of advice has he given you when dealing with all that comes with being a professional athlete such as agents, sponsorships, etc.?

Answer: “Oh I love Robert. The biggest thing he’s taught me is to always have a game plan in terms of your career. You have to be thinking 3 steps ahead if you want to be successful. He also told me that patience is a huge part of being a professional athlete. Not everything happens all at once and you have to be able to deal and manage situations as they come your way.”

Question: I know it’s very early in the process and you guys haven’t even started training camp yet, but have you had any interaction with coach Mary’s and/or the Fleet organization. If so, what type of impression did they give off?

Answer: “So far I’ve had a few good interactions with the fleet. I was at the team’s name and logo reveal party and was lucky enough to meet coach Martz as well as some of the other people in the offices. They seem like they really have everything together and I just can’t wait for our mini camp to start on Monday. I can just tell, it’s going to be amazing!”

Question: Now that you’re on an AAF roster, is your ultimate goal still to receive an NFL contract as soon as possible?

Answer: “I think it is everyone’s goal to ultimately get to the NFL. Having said that, I am really excited to get started and am extremely thankful for the opportunity. I can’t wait to start with such a great league. I can tell, this is going to be something really special!”

Fun Fact: At one point, Cole’s aunt Sue was number one in the world for women’s motocross and is forever immortalized in the Motocross Hall of Fame.

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