The Washington Redskins have lost three in a row without Alex Smith and now find themselves in a must win scenario against the New York Giants who have won three of their last five games.

When Smith, 34, went down against the Houston Texans, so did the Redskins season, or so it seems. On their podcast show, Lets Talk Redskins broke down the injury here

As an update to the Smith situation, his family along with the Redskins released this statement:

“On behalf of Alex Smith, we appreciate all of the concerns and prayers over the injury he incurred on November 18th against the Houston Texans,” the statement said. “Although this is a serious injury, Alex and his family remain strong. We would ask that everyone please honor the Smith family’s request for privacy at this time.”

Losing hope

It appears as if the Redskins fans have pulled the plug on the season as they are wanting the team to tank for a higher draft pick. Some though have kept calm and kept their confidence in the Redskins even though the season is crumbling at their feet.

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24-13 Saquon
— Mike (@NJHitman26) December 9, 2018
Tight game. 17-14 Skins.
— GarethArsenal (@GarethJames316) December 8, 2018
49-13 Redskins
— Gabriel Wood (@gchwood) December 8, 2018
13-6 Skins
— 𝓑𝓔𝓐𝓡𝓓𝓔𝓓 𝓦𝓞𝓝𝓓𝓔𝓡™ (@xbizzle) December 8, 2018
24-17 will be the score....I’m hoping it’s Skins on top but that’s as far as I’ll go with it. That will be score of the game! #HTTR #ButtFumbleFTW
— 💤eke Collins Jr. (@zcollinsjr21) December 8, 2018
17-3 NYG
— Stephen M. Tew, Sr. ⚠ (@StephenTew59) December 8, 2018
No Odell — Stack the box against Barkley— skins win 20-10 - AP has big day !
— DON CABRERA (@DonCabreraWC) December 8, 2018
Do you believe in miracles? I do! Sanchez is resurrected, AP has a big day and the D turns it around. Redskins 24 Giants 17
— Still a diehard Skins Fan (@TRSkinsfan22) December 9, 2018
16-14 Skins
— Barry Gordon (@vtskin) December 8, 2018
24-10 Skins!
— Joe Hall (@Joe7745) December 8, 2018
21-6 Giants
— TANKFORHASKINS (@PeckinsMatt) December 8, 2018
31-10 Giants. I have no faith in Sanchize. Here’s to a top ten pick and hopefully Dwayne Haskins or Justin Herbert. Well have to trade up to get one of them, and we should. #Redskins #HTTR
— Adam Banig (@avbanig) December 9, 2018
9-6 win for the @Redskins Field Goal fun in December as we keep our play off hopes alive. #HTTR
— Peter Robinson (@croupier1970) December 9, 2018
17-10 Skins
— Rick (@nurserickd) December 9, 2018
7-3 redskins
— Stuart Campbell (@StuartC15255791) December 9, 2018
10 - 7 Skins if Gruden can coach then he can control the ball and clock with Sanchez but if he can't then Barkley will lead the Giants to a 21 - 10 win
— Wish I was a Bot 💯 (@PastorCarlofNRM) December 9, 2018
13-10 Redskins
— New Washington Order (6-6) (@HRedskins4lyfe) December 9, 2018
24- 16 Skins
— Thee 2 The O (@theodore_brooks) December 8, 2018
16-13 Redskins
— Richie Paschal (@BleedinCarolina) December 8, 2018
Giants 31 Skins 10
— DeAngelo Dawson (@DaLastSon76) December 8, 2018
13-10 G-men ... some scrub for #NYGiants who gets cut in the offseason plays the game he will brag to his grandkids about years from now.
— Roman (@dc_gabe) December 8, 2018

If the Redskins lose on Sunday, does that mean Jay Gruden’s job is in jeopardy? You would have to think so, right?

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