The Falcons are rising up….in the draft order that is. The Falcons dropped their fifth game in a row to the Green Bay Packers 34-20 in an embarrassing showing of horrific football. The defense couldn’t stop anything and the offense looked absolutely frozen all game. The Falcons are now 4-9 and are all but officially out the playoffs. Let’s review.

Sark’s Final Days

It looks all but certain that Sark will be fired and performances like this only make the bullet train fly even more off the rails. Up until garbage time (by the way, thanks Green Bay you saved my fantasy week), the offense was stuck in neutral and couldn’t get anything going. Matt Ryan looked like frozen garbage, as terrible throws and a costly fumble sank the team. While Ryan wasn’t helping matters, inept play calling from none other than Steve Sarkisian held the team back even further. His hard on for terrible screen plays after big gains continues to confuse and anger the fan base and his adjustments, or lack thereof, continue to show. At this point, we’re just counting down to the days till this miserable season is over and Sark is kicked face first out the door. 

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Swiss Cheese Defense 

In the land of cheese, it’s funny that the Falcons defense had more holes in it than a slice of havarti. The secondary continues to be a dumpster as everyone but Trufant (sometimes) continue to play like puke, especially Robert Alford. Alford was playing so poorly that he got benched for rookie Isaiah Oliver late in the second quarter. The pass rush played O.K. as they got four sacks and caused some disruption. However, I must ask. Has anyone seen Grady Jarrett or Takkarist McKinley as of late? They’ve seemed to turn to ghosts. 

Final Falcons Word

The Falcons return home to take on the Cardinals of Arizona. Both teams looking towards the tank as both are situated in the top four slots in next year’s draft. At this point, I hope this team loses out for a chance at the #1 pick and get either Nick Bosa or Ed Oliver. What a miserable season.

I hope you enjoyed the article for this week and always remember to RISE UP! See you all next week as I recap the game against the Cardinals.

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