2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: TJ Hockenson

Position: Tight End

School: The University of Iowa

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 250 pounds

Round Projection: 2-3



Immediately, you observe Hockenson after the snap during running plays. With force, Hockenson attempts to maul defensive ends. Regardless of size of end, Hockenson brings the same approach. With good pad level and choppy steps, Hockenson controls the confrontation, shoving the lineman away from the play.


During his two years at Iowa, Hockenson evolved his technique from ham-fisted to a refined approach. Now, he adjusts to ball path and shows improved awareness of defender proximity. That is to say, the amount of YAC he generates starts with hand location. In addition, his frame gives quarterbacks a vast window to throw to.


Granted, we all know that Hockenson will not lever anyone down the seam. Yet, he when he builds speed, there is just enough separation to create a solid throwing lane. Meanwhile, with the ball, Hockenson’s gait does not change downfield. Moreover, he uses his speed to carve out sizable chunks of extra yardage for a tight end.

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Route Tree

Like most tight ends, Hockenson executes the drag, the seam, and post with excellent timing. Yet, you will also find him catching passes out of the backfield or behind the line of scrimmage. In the NFL, Hockenson will feast in the middle of the field, presenting a matchup nightmare.


Although Hockenson weights 250 pounds, he will elevate over a defender. When a tackler attacks his legs, or attempts too, Hockenson vaults over him. Despite his size and power approach, Hockenson possesses nimbleness.


Eventually, fans and some personnel will take notice to the aggression of a run blocker. With Hockenson, his willingness to maul defensive ends stands out. In addition, he shows an edge to him while battling downfield on pass plays. Anger-based energy, if focused can make a prospect more effective.

Raiders Fit

In reality, Jared Cook became Derek Carr’s favorite target this season. With Crabtree and Cooper gone, passes needed a target. However, Cook’s contract, impending free agency, and high price tag may make him expendable. In reality, Hockenson makes sense for the Raiders on Day 2. Hockenson would give the Raiders a big target. More importantly, he could provide a mauler at tight end that would greatly assist the running game. If you know Jon Gruden’s preferences, brutal tight ends rank high on his list.

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