2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Byron Murphy

Position: CB

School: The University of Washington

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 185 pounds

Round Projection: 1-2



Among Murphy’s traits, the ability to stay with any receiver vertically remains one of his most important. When he turns out of his backpedal or slides a hip open, Murphy quickly accelerates down the field. With that burst comes a second gear that will allow him to bolt on the stutter go. Normally, some wideouts will catch a corner on the balls of their feet and streak by them. Blessed with tremendous feet speed and stride, Murphy will get hip-to-hip and stay. Meanwhile, when he breaks on the ball, the explosion becomes even more evident. More importantly, Murphy trusts his speed on the rare occasion someone beats him.


With Murphy, he features a sticky presence in coverage. That is to say, he offers no separation, unless he attempts to bait a quarterback into trying him. Otherwise, Murphy shadow with an elite degree of skill.

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In reviewing the film, Murphy, will flip his hips quickly if engaged in a full backpedal. Similarly, he will cheat the hip open and quickly shut the gate, depending on the pattern.

Ball Skills

When the ball gets to the wideout, Murphy uses hand fighting for leverage. Yet, he will turn towards the ball, snapping his head around. For a young corner, that remains a veteran move. If Murphy cannot pick the ball, he will break up the pass with active hands.


Despite weighing anywhere between 175-185 pounds, Murphy relishes contact. He will lay a hit on a receiver that makes him question his catch radius. Due to his speed, Murphy shows the ability to harness that pop and deliver a solid shot. On the other hand, he will also wrap up and tackle more often than not.

Raiders Fit

If the Raiders draft Murphy, no one should smile wider than Paul Guenther. While the secondary improved, the veterans are not the long-term answer. In addition, Gareon Conley and Murphy could form a formidable pair for the next six to eight years. As a result, bringing in a young playmaker as Murphy helps to stem the tide and headaches of the Chiefs and Chargers. In essence, Murphy profiles as a shutdown corner. Under Derrick Ansley, Murphy could blossom. Either way, the Raiders need youth in the secondary.

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