The Saints have one of the coolest sets of NFL uniforms, in my personal and humble opinion. In this article, we will be updating the Saints uniforms and how they are faring when they wear any combination. It all goes toward the old football cliche: Look good, play good. Well, we are about to find out if that cliche is true for the New Orleans Saints.

The results are broken down by any and every combination. We are tracking all of the latest uniform results and updating these results all throughout the season.

By Combination

The Home Look (Gold helmet, black jersey, gold pants)

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

This is the classic New Orleans Saints look. When we think of the Saints, we think, black and gold. It goes hand and hand with their image. The back jersey with the gold numbers, and the simple gold pants with a black stripe running straight down. So far, they have appeared in just one game while wearing it, week one against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Grade: A

Games: 1- Home- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- L 40-48

Record: 0-1 (40-48) 

The Away Look (Gold helmet, white jersey with black numbers, gold pants)

This, again, is the classic Saints look. This look features all gold with black accents. The jersey is white with black numbers, and the pants are the same gold with the black stripe. It’s a beautiful look on the road, but not a combination that we see too often. These haven’t seen the field yet.

Grade: B+

Games: None

Record: 0-0

The Blackout Look (Gold helmet, black jersey, black pants)

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

The Saints like this look. It’s one part nasty, two parts sleek and one part pure New Orleans. The team has a pair of black pants that is all black with the Saints logo em-blazed on the hip. They use their normal home black jersey with the gold numbers, and it looks very simple, sleek and nasty. Almost like a professional wearing a business suit and still bringing the power to town.

Grade: A-

Games: 2- Home- Cleveland Browns W 21-18
8- Home- Los Angeles Rams W 45-35
11- Home- Atlanta Falcons W 31-17
12- Away- Dallas Cowboys L 10-13

Results: 3-1 (107-83)

The Alternate Road Look (Gold helmet, white jersey with black numbers, black pants)

(Photo by Frank Mattia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Saints really like those black pants. That’s good, they look great! Unfortunately, personally I’m not a fan of the look with the white shirt. I think it’s the weakest of the Saint’s looks, but hey. It works and gets the job done. I think there’s too much black and not enough gold. Give me more gold!

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Despite what I think, the team must love these sets, because right now they are fire. The tam has found a way to win all five games that they have worn these sets.

On the bright side, Drew Brees wore this set when he broke the all time passing record, and then when he threw his 500th touchdown. It must be a pretty special set for the quarterback!

Grade: C+

Games: 3- Away- Atlanta Falcons W 43-37 (OT)
5- Home- Washington Redskins W 43-19
7- Away- Baltimore Ravens W 24-23
9- Away- Cincinnati Bengals W 51-14
13- Away- Tampa Bay Buccaneers W 28-14

Record- 5-0 (189-107)

The Whiteout Look (Gold helmet, white jersey with gold numbers, white pants) 

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Oh my goodness. Did you see these jerseys? Don’t they look royally beautiful? There is so much white, and then so much gold! Seriously, these are really nice sets. They were designed by Nike last season as part of the “Color Rush” movement, a Nike led uniform promotion to make Thursday Night Football stand out and more attractive. It didn’t work very well, and FOX dropped it from their lineup after week 11 during the 2017 season. I love the simplicity, the older feel it has, and the gold being  more prominent then the black. It looks beautiful on the field.

Grade: A

Games- 4- Away- New York Giants W 33-18
7- Away- Minnesota Vikings W 30-20
10- Home- Philadelphia Eagles W 48-7

Record- 3-0 (111-45)

By Uniform Piece

Black Jersey

Yes, we’re going to break it individually too. The black jersey with gold accents is jersey gold, literally. It’s sleek yet gentlemanly design makes it quite appealing to the eye. So far this season, they have worn it five times.

Record: 3-2 (147-131) 

White Jersey (Black numbers)

It’s simple, yet elegant. One of the best things about the Saints uniforms is that they seriously look regal. I love the color scheme and the perfect mix of white, black and gold. So far this season, the white jerseys have seen the field five times.

Record: 5-0 (189-107)

White Jersey (White numbers)

It’s so pretty! The gold really allows these uniforms to pop, and the white makes them look bright. It almost reminds you of Heaven.

Record: 3-0 (111-45)

Gold Pants

Gold pants sells this uniform with either jersey. Again, it’s simple, elegant and regal. Despite it’s amazing looks, it’s the only uniform part that the Saints have yet to win a game in this season.

Record: 0-1 (40-48)

Black Pants

These are very simple, a look I do believe the Saints like to establish. They don’t want to wow people away with the fancy stripes and unnecessary frivolities that a lot of teams are moving toward with their look. It’s a good look and keeps the traditional feel alive.

Record: 8-1 (296-190)

White Pants

The white pants with the triple stripes down the side, outsides being black and the inside being gold, looks amazing. Paired with the white jerseys with gold numbers, it makes you think of an angel holding a harp in a cloud. It’s beautiful.

Record: 3-0 (111-45)

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